Alternative Aesthetics

I’m still working on figuring out what aesthetic I want to use for my project. I have the idea but I’ve toyed with a few different aesthetics to actually incorporate. I plan on doing a sleek design with dark stained wood and polished metal, so it may turn out to be a somewhat minimalist design.

Above are two sketches I did of my design in different aesthetics, both featuring the spinning rim and the central iris mechanism. The one one the left is more of the minimalist design I think I might go with, while on the right is a more textured design with Eastern influences. In reality, I’ll probably pull from several different aesthetics to create an eclectic and polished look on my final design.

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  • Hi Jonah, your ideas for the two different aesthetics in your sketches both seem like they would make interesting projects! How are you planning to keep a central focus for your project with multiple aesthetics all being incorporated in it?

  • Reed Beidleman
    March 19, 2023 8:11 pm

    Hi Jonah,
    I really like the two designs you have come up with here. I also like the idea of using multiple aesthetics to get a final design you like. I personally have been having a hard time narrowing down to one aesthetic and so I might try out the same thing! Your drawings look great as well!


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