Hunter Maul – Project Plans and Alternatives

The final aesthetic that I am going with for my final project is a high-quality DIY aesthetic. I want my project to look like it is homemade, while also having super clean lines and a well polished finish. I want the final project to land somewhere in-between the work by Tom Sachs, and the work of high end woodworking. This aesthetic is primarily being influenced by the project itself as the object that I am building is a drawer for my desk that I built and I want the aesthetics to match as well as I can.

The desk in question.

When imagining this project through the lens of different aesthetics, the two that I thought would be interesting to explore were minimalism and art deco. Initially I thought about taking a minimalist approach to this project, but I figured that incorporating elements that are too simple would not work well with the already existing design of the desk. I wasn’t quite sure about totally abandoning this aesthetic though so I decided to sketch out the drawer front using a minimalist approach.

The other aesthetic that I explored was art deco. I am personally not a very big style of this aesthetic, especially when it is used out of context. However, since it is an aesthetic that I am not fond of I figured it would be a good exercise to try it out.

After experimenting with it though I believe that I would like to make something in this style in the future even though it does not work within this scenario.

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  • Bodhin Peterson-Smart
    April 8, 2023 10:13 pm

    Wow! That desk is looking super clean and very well put together. I am curious if that was something you built for this class specifically or if that was part of an earlier project. I also am curious if you will be building the drawer out of wood, metal, or potentially some other material.

  • The high-quality craftsmanship shown off in the photos does a really great job of communicating the clean and DIY yet high-end aesthetic that you are striving for. I would encourage you to continue with the design you are progressing with but since you are also interested in the art deco movement I might suggest exploring a design studio called Nobel LA. I think they do a really good job at fusing art deco elements but still keeping the aesthetic modern and clean in a uniquely cool way.

  • Hi Hunter, I really appreciate your design goal of the final look to be between Tom Sachs and high-end woodworking, as it is a look that I enjoy myself. As for me, my main aesthetic resides on the line between minimalist and the handmade look of Tom Sachs since it is the extent of my craft abilities. What type of specs do you require for the drawer to have? Are you going got make custom slots or areas for things you plan on putting in the drawer? Excited to see the final product.


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