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For my final project, I will be  making an ebike battery enclosure. My current plan is to match the battery to the bike as best I can. This doesn’t necessarily mean matching the current aesthetic of the bike but rather finding a similar style that pairs nicely with it. The bike style is minimalist and streamline. It has a brushed aluminum finish that is semi satin. The graphics on the bike are minimal and so the whole look is very clean and sleek. I would like the aesthetic the battery to be minimal and streamline but I have been playing around with a few other aesthetics that I think could still match the bike. One of these is the Braun style and similar designs by Dieter Rams. Rams’ moto is “Less, but better” which is exactly what I’m going for with this project. He is also a strong believer in functionalism where everything that is added to the design only adds to its function. This is similar to minimalism in my mind.

For my first sketch, I tried out a Dieter Rams-esc style. Although I’m not a fan of the current ‘design’ I have in this style, I really like the aesthetic as a whole. Next to the sketch is a design by Rams to give some context.

Dieter Rams style for the battery enclosure.
Popular Dieter Rams designs. Source:









The next sketch I did was in a steampunk style. This was pretty far out in terms of what I was looking for for this project, but I’ve always been drawn to these designs so I thought I’d give it a try. Again, I have a reference image of this aesthetic for context.

Steampunk style for the battery enclosure.
Steampunk style design. Source:











Finally, I did a sketch in the style I originally had planned, minimalism/streamline. Next to it is a reference I liked the look of.

Streamline/minimalist style for the battery enclosure.
Toaster in the streamline style. Source:
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  • Are there features you intend to include that you think might interfere with your aesthetic goals, or do you envision any mounting and gauges to fit well?

  • Roger Carter
    March 15, 2023 8:14 pm

    These are all cool! Personal bias has got to be the second one because it’s such an interesting looking aesthetic, however the first is cool too. Which do you think fits you better personally?


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