Consideration of Alternative Aesthetics

In designing the aesthetic for my main dynamic project, I considered a wide range of potential aesthetics. These included minimalism and the arts and crafts aesthetic. Although I have opted not to make use of these aesthetics in my final product, considering the form of my project under different aesthetics has improved my understanding of how I can integrate aesthetic form into my object while maintaining functionality.

When considering the minimalist aesthetic, I tried to reduce all components that were unnecessary to the design. Since the goal of the design was to appear like a blossoming lotus as it opens, and to protect the cards contained inside, I still needed a solid outer wall and petals. However, I was able to reduce the number of petals and hollow the inner petals without compromising these goals. Understanding that such simplifications are possible will help with potential time constraints on the final design.

When considering the arts and crafts aesthetic, I tried to add a sense of ornate detail and clear evidence of being hand made. I did this through adding shaping dents to the outside of the petals as well as ornate engravings to the inside. I also added a degree of asymmetry and  uniqueness to each petal on the flower. This helped me to understand how I might decorate the petals in my final aesthetic without compromising the natural flower like form of the box.

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  • Grant Barnes
    March 20, 2023 1:52 am

    I really enjoy both of the aesthetic choices you’ve sketched. The decoration of the arts and crafts idea is very creative and the added details also go very well with your chosen project, however, the minimalist idea would accent the shape and purpose of your chosen design. I look forward to seeing the aesthetic you choose for the actual project.

  • Hey Alexander,
    I like your idea for a project a lot and the dynamics of an opening flower petal. I was wondering what size you are looking for, and what type of cards are you looking to hold? I also like the design you included in a previous post with a rack and pinion gear to perform the movement your seeking.


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