Main Project Plans and Alternatives

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For my main project, I plan on making a creative coding art installation for the class; if any of y’all had taken Creative Code, then you might be familiar with this sort of thing. I plan on using a webcam to track a person’s movement so that they can interact with things on the screen. On screen, there’ll be a lot of different shapes and motifs floating around, and each thing will have its own color and size. Additionally, on-screen objects can interact with each other, so as they float around, they’ll eventually collide, and when that happens, they’ll either pop out of existence or bounce off each other, emitting a sound while doing so. I might do other things like change colors over time, use random sounds, etc. The hardest part of coding this would probably be using the webcam to track movement, so as a fallback, all of the self-interaction (collisions, sounds, colors, etc.) will be independent of this feature just in case I can’t get the webcam thing to work.

Now, its time for something completely different: as a fallback for the entire project, I came up with the idea to make dynamic wall art; specifically, I want to use origami to create an asanoha pattern on a wooden frame, with LEDs behind each piece of origami to light up the art piece (more info on the pattern here). I would control each LED with an Arduino, and I would create patterns with the LEDS to display. For example, the colors could change over time, or lights could fade in and fade out randomly, etc. I think this would be perfect as a fallback since I feel like it won’t take that much time to make; I would just have to give myself time to actually do it. Once I start actually coding the main idea, I’ll see how big of a project it actually is and play it by ear as I go along.

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  • Hey Josh,
    Gosh, I loved your idea of creative coding and so did your fallback as you plan to play with LEDs using Arduino.
    Out of both these, I am pretty excited about creative coding project. some time back, I did play with webcam for tracking & response based feedback. Your idea is an add on to that.
    Looking forward to see final results!

  • Hi Josh,
    These are some really creative design concepts. I think both are great ideas and you can’t really go wrong with either. I have never really heard of or seen creative coding, so I am really curious to see how that would look like if you go with it.

  • Grady Forsyth
    March 19, 2023 5:09 pm

    What an awesome idea you’ve got going on! I like how you want your creative coding installation to be an interactive piece for the class to engage with, Your fallback idea is great too!


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