Specifications and Constraints: Violin Pendulum

Top 5 Specifications

  1. This is going to be a desk item. Therefore I will want it to be functional especially in its random motion
  2. This will need to be stable and sturdy. I want this to be able to spin without it rocking. This means that I will have to make a wide and heavy base. This means that finding good materials will be necessary.
  3. Matching the aesthetic with the copper will be essential. Mixing Baroque and Arts&Crafts will be interesting but a good manufacturing method has been determined. I will be making the copper piece to embody the Baroque leaf
  4. Making the finger rest look realistic will be necessary. For this I will machine it to get the proper curvature shape and then probably paint it.
  5. Making the scroll will be interesting. I might make a bunch of cuts and glue them on top of eachother. Then I will machine them so that the pegs would be able to fit

Top 5 Constraints/things that still need to be determined

  1. I will be working on a variety of manufacturing methods. Being able to do these with care would be a good parameter. I want to be able to put enough time into each method so that the overall project comes out as a quality product
  2. I want the random motion to really work well. This will require a lot of planning on the weight distribution and how the assembly will be put together. I will be able to get to over the break
  3. Since the aesthetic is the main thing to focus on, I will also be working on the actual design that will be on the body of the violin over break. It will need to be able to successfully blend the two aesthetic methods.
  4. Further looking into the scroll and how I will be able to make it look realistic. I will also need to coat it with copper foil in order to maintain the same aesthetic as the body
  5. Making sure that the copper is attached to the wood base securely is essential as well. I would want this to maintain its connection. There are a few adhesives that I have found that would work, but further research is needed before this is  determined
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  • I’m interested to see the mix of Baroque and Arts & Crafts aesthetics. Molding copper and making it look the way you want I can imagine might be a difficult task. Have you worked with the material before?

  • Grant Barnes
    April 2, 2023 11:01 pm

    It seems like you have a very specific vision for the final result of this project and the constraints and specifications are great goals to help you reach that result. Are there any ITLL workshops you’ll need to take to be able to achieve your manufacturing methods?

    • Ethan Street
      April 2, 2023 11:23 pm

      Thats a great question! So far no. Ive actually etched in the aesthetic design into the copper violin shape! All that is left is to design and build the violin pendulum!


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