saddlebag/electrics panel specs and constraints

Featured image is a mock up of the idea using a friends bag. Final version I’ll make myself, most likely black.


1: Durable, has to hold up to use and heat from engine

2: Classic, has to fit the look of the bike and stay looking good

3: Functional, no point in making something if I’m not able to use it

4: DIY, gotta be able to do it myself and make it replicable

5: Maintainable, have to prioritize ease of maintenance to the bike


1: Cost, has to be cheap

2: Time, leatherwork is time consuming, I have to be conscious

3: Sanity, I like to make designs simple, so I don’t go crazy

4: Waste, minimizing offcuts and waste for a more sustainable design

5: Tools, I only have a sewing awl, Idea Forge has some stuff, but it needs to be done with simple tools

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