Post 8: Top 5 specs, top 5 constraints

For my project, I am hoping that my project will be simple yet abstract. I am hoping it feels like a piece of contemporary work that I’d want to leave in my living room, my bedroom, or any space of my apartment.  The color, shape and function of this piece will be the deciding factors of whether or not I’ve succeeded.

5 constraints:

  • Time
  • Ability to create an object I like within the object requirements
  • Tools (potentially)
  • Energy to work on this project
  • Money/willingness to spend money on the project

The hardest ones are definitely the time and energy to deal with this project also within the requirements of the project itself. With the movement element I am finding it hard to come up with ideas and solutions to combat this project.

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  • Hannah Matthews
    April 4, 2023 11:01 pm

    I like your mission to create a contemporary piece of art that will live in your home. It will be challenging to find the time and energy to complete a challenging project in the craziness of the final weeks of the semester. What tools do you plan on using?


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