Top 5 Specifications, Top 5 Constraints

My project is a wooden dart board cabinet made of walnut, with a maple CU Buffalo latch, along with automatic lighting.


  1. Doors swing completely open, closed, and fit flush and clean
  2. Latches closed securely with CU icon
  3. LEDs, operated with push switch, turn on while open, off when closed
  4. Piece maintains a craft, handmade aesthetic
  5. Fasteners are fairly well hidden, craftsmanship is top priority


  1. Cabinet large enough to fit dartboard, darts, and scoring table
  2. Cabinet small enough to reasonably fit on wall
  3. Must be light enough to securely fix to wall (including board weight)
  4. Total material cost < $50
  5. Lights must fit in small channel, wired to wall
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  • Jose Salgado
    April 4, 2023 1:34 pm

    I like the idea for your project a lot! Do you think it would be feasible to add pressure plates behind the board that activate the lights when a dart hits the board?

  • This is a really cool project. Will the wires for the lighting be hidden away (like drilled into the wall behind the dart board) or be seen by the players?

  • This is a great project, It looks like it is going to be very high quality, how are you planning on keeping it below your $50 budget? Also, are you planning on having the lights wired up to the latch so that they automatically turn on when the cabinet is opened? I am excited to see how this turns out, keep it up!


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