Top 5 Specifications and Constraints

For my project, my main idea is to create an interactive art installation to be display in our classroom. If I can’t present it in-person, it can still work as a web app.

Here are my top 5 specifications:

1. I want my project to be at least somewhat immersive. When people talk about immersion, especially in the context of video games, they usually refer to some sort of VR. Of course, implementing VR into my project is probably way out of scope for this class, but there are simpler ways to achieve immersion. For example; as I mentioned in a previous pose, I want to use a webcam to project the user into the art installation. This kind of immersion might not be as compelling as VR, but I think it’s still pretty cool and entertaining enough for me to try it out.
2. I want it to be interactive. Of course, this being a “interactive art installation”, interaction is and should be a big part of this project (It might not work in the end, but it’s worth stating that I would like it to work). As I said before, a webcam is a good tool to create immersion, but also allows for interactivity; once the webcam projects the user into the art piece, they can move around in the real world, and their projected self can interact with objects in the art piece.
3. It should properly convey my aesthetic. There are many ways to achieve this aesthetic, but I also don’t want to just display things are Japanese; the use of Japanese motifs is fine, but I would like to keep it at a minimum. I want to focus more on layout and color scheme to help convey the aesthetic, rather than relying on things that are already established as “being Japanese”.
4. I want users to have fun with my project. I don’t want to make my project so boring that no one wants to try it, so I have to make sure that it’s at least somewhat engaging at all times.
5. I want it to be simple. Although I want to make the art installation as engaging as possible, adding complex features isn’t the way to go, and complexity actually goes against my chosen aesthetic. I also want to focus more on the visual part of the installation rather than its functionality.

Here are my top 5 constraints:
1. Time. Time is always a constraint. While we have a decent amount of time before the project is due, we still have other obligations in life to fulfill. For example, I do work full-time and take care of 5 pets, amongst other things. So, I just have to plan and work around everything accordingly.
2. Ideas. I still am not sure exactly how I want my art installation to look like; it’ll be abstract, but that makes my project much more open-ended in terms of design. I have to continue looking for inspiration online, and I know of a few good resources to look into, so it’s just a matter of time before I find what I’m looking for.
3. Skill. This project is going to rely on coding, something that I am very familiar with; however, there’s still a lot that I don’t know. I can set up some basic apps off the top of my head, but in most cases, I still have to look up how to code for a certain purpose, or how to deal with a certain error.
4. Room. I have to make sure that there is enough space for the users to be able to use the webcam in order to interact with the art piece comfortably and without obstructing anyone else or potentially hurting others or themselves.
5. I can’t think of another constraint, but if I come up with one, I’ll update this post

The toughest constraint to deal with will probably be either coming up with one solid idea; there’s just so many smaller ideas in my head, and I can’t exactly just pick a few ideas and put them together.