Design Preview Report – Visuals Screen

The inspiration for my final artifact has sprung out of personal passions. As a visual artist and filmmaker, I’ve always had the desire to create a largish installation of some sort. I’ve thought of ways to display video works on a larger scale than just a computer or phone screen. I’ve been fascinated by large led screens like the ones in Times Square or even the CASE building here at CU. I think this is a crazy cool way to display art or moving pictures. It also makes a statement.

LED Visuals Installation

This longtime curiosity led me to determine that I want to create a minimalist projection screen to be used in tandem with visuals I’ve created. Ultimately, forming the installation I’ve long sought to create. 

I am choosing a minimalist aesthetic for my design because I want the projection screen to serve as the platter for whatever is being displayed. That being said, it’s still important to me for the final product to be a piece of art in and of itself. Minimalism is an aesthetic I’ve always loved and one I feel is achievable.

Through sketching I’ve identified what I want my final design to be. I would like for the projection screen to hang from the ceiling using hooks and stainless steel chains. The hanging mechanism will attach into a wood beam. The screen will be attached to the top beam in the back with what is likely to be heavy duty staples. The bottom of the screen will also have a cylindrical beam attached to the screen in the same fashion. I feel that the use of sanded and varnished wood will play into the minimalism aesthetic. A lot of minimalist furniture consists of simple wood designs.

Minimalist Chair


The dynamic aspect of my final work is going to be a simple storage system. The screen will be able to roll up like a map when you don’t want it hanging down. To achieve this I’m going to be using velcro. Matching velcro attachments will be on either side of both wooden rods. By having them on the side they will blend in better and work properly with the roll up I’m envisioning.

Materials Needed

  • Wood beams (Secured)
  • Wood finishing (Secured)
  • Stainless steel chains (Secured)
  • Heavy duty hooks (Secured) 
  • Projection screen – blackout fabric (needs to be purchased)
  • Velcro (needs to be purchased)
  • Faux vines
  • LED lights 

*The last two I’m planning to use to add decoration and a bit more aesthetic.

Timeline and Progress

While the majority of my fabrication process still is ahead, I feel I have made great progress and am on track. Currently I have collected all materials except for my screen and velcro. I have also started on fabrication. I have tested my hanging area to make sure it is suited to hang my installation. I have also stained the wood rods which will eventually form the frame of the screen. 

My timeline for the reminder of the project is as follows:

Artifact fabrication completed by April 13th.

Artifact installation in bedroom by April 20th.

Visual mapping and projector test by April 27th. (Day before presentations start)

Final write up completed by due date

I feel that I have ample time to complete my project and I’m looking forward to the rest of the process!


Watch my design preview presentation below:


Minimalist Chair:

LED Visuals Installation:

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  • This is a great idea to make a functional item for your bedroom. Are there existing projector screens on the market that inspired the one you’re making, either design elements that were good or something that was bad?

  • Alexander Hernacki
    April 9, 2023 12:53 pm

    The simplicity of a projector screen definitely lends itself well to the minimalist aesthetic. Do you have an aesthetic in mind for the images you will project on it?


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