Jewelry Box Design Preview Report


As I have mentioned in my previous posts I am continuing with the Art Deco style jewelry box with the stained glass arrangement on the lid. My inspiration comes from my fascination with the intricacy of church architecture mainly seen in European countries. I have a decent amount of jewelry so I think creating an expressive box that resembles the church architecture will be cool.  Funny enough over spring break the mesh bag that I keep all my jewelry in completely tore apart so this project will come in perfect timing. I would like for the size to be just big enough to hold the amount of jewelry that I have. Approximately 5.5 x 3.5 x 2 inches would be ideal to sit on my bathroom countertop or be easily stored in a desk drawer. The box will be constructed out of wood panels (I have a tour of the ITLL lab on Friday to grant me access to the woodshop) and after that point I will acquire the wood and cut the panels. The stained glass has been ordered and received but I’m still narrowing down on what style of hinge I want for it and debating if it will have a front clasp or not. I will also need to figure out what pattern I want to arrange the stained glass tiles on the lid. The engraving will probably be my mother’s initials (since the upcycle project was given to my dad I will give this one to my mom) combined with an art deco engraved pattern work to conform to the aesthetic. The jewelry box will be painted black and the engravings will be filled with gold paint.

Below are potential patterns and designs.



March 22: Order Stained Glass

April 5: Order Hinges and Clasps

April 6: Order wood panels and wood glue

April 7: ITLL Woodshop Tour

April 8-12: Cut wood panels

April 12-16: Paint and Engrave

April 16-18: Have stained glass arrangement set in the lid

April 18-22: Assemble wood panels with wood glue and hinge

April 22 – May 3: Finishing Details and Presentations/Reports

Since I haven’t taken the tour of the ITLL I’m restricted until the 7th to start. I will have all the supplies ordered by then so I can hit the ground running once I have taken the workshop tour. This timeline has date ranges for each task to account for delays in supply ordering, allotting the most time to cut and glue the wood and a few days for the detailing wrap up.


Once I take the tour I will be allowed to cut the wood panels to sizes mentioned in my previous constraints and specifications. I will paint all of the panels black in order to conform to the art deco aesthetic which will greatly contrast with the gold engravings. The initials will be on the front of the jewelry box with the art deco patterning on both side panels and the stained glass on the top giving it a full finished look. I want to do all of the pattern work before I assemble it because it will be much easier to orient single panels as opposed to the whole box. After that I plan to use wood glue to adhere the side panels to the bottom base panel with the lid panel attached by a hinge/clasp to the rest of the frame. Since the lid will have stained glass set in it I will cut a rectangular section just deep enough to have the stained glass squares flush with the top of the lid. This visual can be seen in my sketch above. This process is fairly simple but I need to make sure I measure everything properly before cutting so that everything lines up smoothly!



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  • Grady Forsyth
    April 9, 2023 6:49 pm

    This idea is fantastic. Art deco is such a classic aesthetic and will be perfect for a jewelery box. I’m especially looking forward to seeing the stained glass!

  • I really like the idea of using stained glass. I’m sure it will be a challenge but I am looking forward to the final product. I think the aesthetic of stained glass is very fitting for a jewelry box as well.

  • Pere Roquet Arroyo
    April 8, 2023 11:34 am

    Rachel I think this jewellery box is going to look so good once is finished. I think the art deco aesthetic will suit well and also I agree it will look similar to the big stained glass windows of many old churches and catherdrals of Europe. Have you thought about which type of wood will you use? Have you though about modeling it in 3D first before building it? I am looking forward to see this final product.


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