Design Progress – Contemporary Desk Lamp


  • Inspirations
    • Contemporary
    • Mid-Century Modern
  • Specifications
    • Wood
    • Articulating
    • Variable light settings
    • Stable
    • Folding
  • Constraints
    • Compact
    • Durable
    • Energy Efficient
    • Light-weight
    • Simple electronics

Initial Plans:

Initially I planned to make the lamp in a contemporary and minimalist design. This means that it would be constructed of wood and have minimal complexity in terms of wiring and construction. To create the lamp, I planned to utilize resources at the Idea Forge wood shop.


Current Plans:

  • Mainly made of wood
  • Articulating joints
  • Cutout for LED strip
  • Sturdy base
  • 15cm x 20cm base
  • 20cm x 3.5cm top and middle
  • Materials:
    • LED strips
    • Wood stock
    • Idea Forge wood shop
    • M5 x 4 screws (2)

Link to presentation:





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  • Hi Alexander,
    You did a great job integrating the elements of contemporary design in your lamp design. Is the top part of the lamp going to be adjustable?

  • Matt Holleb
    April 7, 2023 1:30 pm

    I am also creating a modern light fixture but on a bigger scale so your project definitely left me intrigued and I am really interested to see how it will turn out. I’m curious if you plan on installing some sort of light diffuser over the LED strips or if they will be exposed. I think that if you are shooting for a minimalist and contemporary look then diffusing the light so that you don’t just see the LED’s lens could be super helpful.


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