This project is a unique and innovative clock design concept that blends modern minimalism with nature-inspired elements to create a positive and tranquil atmosphere in any space. The inspiration for this clock comes from modern buildings with vertical gardens, where the greenery adds a calming effect to the surrounding environment. My plan is to incorporate live plants or preserved greenery in its design to replicate this effect.Sustainable buildings | Open Access Government

The clock’s body should ideally be made of wood, as this material preserves the natural look of the clock. However, metals can also be incorporated into the design for added durability and aesthetic appeal. The movement of the clock should be simple, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, ensuring that the clock can be enjoyed for years to come. The body of the clock must be water-resistant to protect the clock from water damage, and the movement must be waterproof to ensure the clock remains accurate even in damp or humid environments. The clock’s face will feature a minimalist design with a clear and easy-to-read font to ensure that the clock can be used for practical purposes while still providing a calming presence in the space.

Incorporating live plants or preserved greenery into the design is an essential aspect of this project. The plants used in the clock should not require frequent watering or maintenance, ensuring that the clock can be enjoyed with minimal upkeep. Preserved mosses are a popular choice for incorporating greenery into clock designs, as they provide a natural look and require no watering or maintenance. Live plants that thrive in low-light conditions can also be used in the design to add a natural touch to the clock.

    Preserved Moss: What Is It? Is It Different from Dried Ones?

Taking multiple factors into consideration, I’ve decided that weight of the clock should fall between 3 and 6 pounds, ensuring that the clock is easy to hang or mount on a wall without damaging the surface. Also, I’m aiming to keep the overall cost of this project between $50 and $100.

The project is still in the design and development phase, with progress being made on finalizing the movement of the clock and selecting the most suitable materials for the clock’s body. I am currently exploring different ways to incorporate live plants or preserved greenery into the design, ensuring that the clock’s greenery adds a calming and positive presence to the space where it is installed.


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  • India Johnson
    April 10, 2023 12:28 pm

    Hi Anil!
    Seems like you’re in a decent spot for the project at the moment. I would love to hear more about the tools you plan on using as well as the a sketch of the actual project you plan on building. I only say that because this sounds so exciting that I want to see more! Best of luck in the upcoming weeks!


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