Abstract LED Lit Geometric Rock – Specifications and Constraints

The objective of this project is to create an interactive LED lit rock with 13 sides, each of which can be individually lit using capacitive touch sensors. The rock will also have various modes, such as a day-night cycle where the rock turns bright white in the day and fades into yellow by night. To control the LEDs and modes, an Arduino Nano will be used. However, there are several constraints that need to be considered during the design and implementation process.

Top 5 constraints:

  1. Memory limitations: Due to the limited memory of the Arduino Nano, code optimization is crucial to fit within the constraints.
  2. Wiring complexity: The wiring of the LEDs and sensors can be complex, and proper documentation and planning is necessary to ensure efficient implementation.
  3. Space constraints: The size of the rock and its components may need to be limited due to space constraints or portability requirements.
  4. Environmental factors: The rock will be exposed to the environment, requiring design considerations to ensure it can withstand various weather conditions and other environmental factors.
  5. Power supply: A reliable and stable power supply is necessary to operate the capacitive touch sensors and the LEDs.

Top 5 specifications:

  1. LED brightness: The LEDs will be bright enough to be visible in daylight and dim enough to be pleasant to look at during the night.
  2. Touch sensitivity: The capacitive touch sensors have to be sensitive enough to detect even the lightest touch and respond quickly to user input.
  3. Mode customization: Users will be able to switch between different modes and customize the rock’s behavior to their liking.
  4. Aesthetics: The rock will be aesthetically pleasing and visually appealing.
  5. Color accuracy: The LEDs will be able to display a wide range of colors accurately and reliably.

I am excited to see how it will come together in the end. Additionally, the challenge of managing constraints such as time and budget, while still achieving the desired specifications, will be a valuable learning experience. Overall, I believe this project has the potential to be a visually stunning and highly functional piece of art.

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  • I’ve always liked geometric designs; the regularity makes geometric designs seem so clean and refined. The touch-activated LEDs are going to look so cool too.

  • Chin-Hsuan(Andrea) Wang
    April 13, 2023 12:23 pm

    I love the 13-side design, it looks very visually appealing!
    Also, I’m curious about the lighting mode customization you will apply on the device. Which methods would you set for this feature? Would it be a low-code solution for users?


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