Heartbeat Tree: A Miniature Interactive Installation

I’m delighted to provide an update on my final project, which is to build a little interactive tree that lights up based on the viewer’s pulse rate. The project’s design has changed a little bit, and I’m thrilled to share the new plan with you.


The Heartbeat Tree will stand 12 inches tall and have a clear plastic tubing trunk. The branches will be composed of recyclable wire and paper, and the LED lights will be energy-efficient. The tree’s foundation will be built of wood, with a hole in the center to hold the trunk. Each branch will be equipped with an LED light that will illuminate when the viewer’s pulse rate rises.


I’ll make the tree’s trunk out of clear plastic tubing that I found at my local hardware store. I’ll use a tiny piece of wood for the base to give a stable foundation for the laser-cut tree. The branches will be composed of recyclable wire and paper, and the LED lights will complete the fantasy aesthetic.

How I’ll Make It:

I’ll begin by cutting the transparent plastic tubing to the length and shape I want for the trunk. The wire will then be bent into the desired shape for the branches, and the paper leaves will be attached. I’ll wire the LED lights to the ends of each branch and connect them to the heart rate sensor implanted in the tree’s base. Then, I’ll secure the tree to its wooden foundation, and the installation will be complete.

The Heartbeat Tree is an intriguing project that I am eager to finish. The design is interactive and entertaining, and I believe it will work well in any setting. I am committed to creating the installation using sustainable materials and methods, and I hope that it will inspire others to do the same.

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