Progress Update- Alot of Printing Ahead of Me

Although my projects design has stayed approximately the same since my design preview, my main challenge right now is time. In order to complete my project on time I need to finish printing all 16 petal components with enough time to post process them. when initially sliced, the outer pedals were each estimated to take 24 hours to print and each inner petal, 10. With just my ender 3 this would not be done in time. I tried to solve this problem by maxing out the print speed and reducing infill and support on the models but this resulted in a high rate of print failure and a need for more frequent printer maintenance. As of now, the color I have selected for my petals is only available in 1.75mm and as such, not possible to print on the schools lulz bots, which are also notably very busy this time of year. In order to meet the course project deadline I have decided to print the outer pedals on my ender 3 at a lower speed and print the inner pedals in 3 components each on my smaller 1.2mm machine. This results in an approximately 24 hour print for each outer pedal and a 4 hour print time for each inner pedal. As of now, if no unforeseen printer issues occur I should be on track to just barely complete my project in time for the course. Below of images of a divided inner petal, a failed print from nozzle blockage and a partial prototype assembly.




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  • Aryan Gandhi
    May 10, 2023 2:44 pm

    The images included in the update gave a glimpse of your progress so far and provided a helpful visual representation of the challenges you faced! Great project!

  • Lucas Fesmire
    April 19, 2023 10:18 pm

    It is nice to hear you’ve found a workaround for the time requirement of 3d printing. I think the different-sized petals might look good too. The different petal sizes will make it look more detailed.


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