Post 11: Final Report Part 1

What is it?

For this project, I created a multifunctional art piece in a colorful maximalist aesthetic.

Project Inspirations

My inspiration came from a TikTok video I saw of a similar concept, but it was made out of wood. I initially planned to include the same functionality in my design, but made a slight modification during the fabrication process.

TikTok Video


Santa Fe

This piece is made out of clay — inspired by my recent trip to Santa Fe, new Mexico.

Donna Nova

During the aforementioned trip to Santa Fe, I met a woman named Donna Nova, a glass bead maker. I purchased a selection of glass flowers from her, which I wanted to create a clay vase for. Instead of including the lightbulb from the inspiration video included above, I used the third hole to hold Donna Nova’s glass flowers.


For this project, I wanted the final project to reflect the intended aesthetic and be something I could add as  a decorative piece in my living room.

Top 5 Specifications: 

  1. Has more than one intended function or purpose
  2. Uses existing or up-cycled materials for construction
  3. Incorporates course concepts and feedback provided on my previous blog posts
  4. Incense properly ventilates
  5. Materials and coatings used are safe when incense is burning  inside

Top 5 Constraints: 

  1. Lack of time for iteration
  2. Integration challenges after the clay dries
  3. Inability to modify the design after the clay dries
  4. Achieving precise dimensions using clay
  5. Method of fastening door could inhibit movement

Design Process Overview

For this design, I followed the process listed below.

  1. Sketches and dimensions
  2. Peer feedback consideration
  3. Sculpt clay brick
  4. Let partially dry
  5. Carve out holes based on drawing
  6. Fit check integrated items
  7. Adjust hole dimensions as necessary
  8. Smooth all surfaces
  9. Let dry completely
  10. Verify paint colors on sketch
  11. Paint all surfaces
  12. Let dry
  13. Add beads
  14. Seal surfaces
  15. Integrate additional items (test tube, glass flowers, incense)

Initial Sketches

Final Design: Form, Aesthetic, etc. 

How the Aesthetic is Embodied in the design

The colorful maximalism aesthetic is embodied in this design by the inclusion of multiple unrelated functionalities and multiple bright colors.

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