Top 5 Specifications and Constraints.

As discussed in my Main Project Plan, I intend to make a sculpture which can cast different shadows different angles, an Anamorphous shadow sculpture. I really intend to highlight the co dependency of light and shadow. I am aiming to achieve a similar aesthetic by implementing a monochromatic aesthetic which highlights the black, whites and greys. From the feedback I received from my previous post, it does seem that I have quite a few points to consider while designing my sculpture to get the desired effect.

Top 5 specifications:-

  • Have a well designed sculpture that meets the course requirements. This is in regards to the size and budget.
  • Having a proper light source. The light source is as important as the sculpture to some degree. Without the correct light, the shadows will be too weak and that basically defies the whole point of the project.
  • Reiterating the design to get the desired effect in terms of the shadows cast. Having sharp edges will give very strong shadows and curving the edges helps creating a fading effect due to diffraction.
  • Ensuring that the sculpture can cast two different shadows from different point of views. This is the dynamic element of my project.
  • Selecting an appropriate material so as to make the iteration process easy and quick.

Top 5 constraints:-

  • Designing the secondary point of view in the sculpture is going to be the main challenge. This might take up most of my time.
  • Deciding weather to use the multiple light sources or just moving one to generate the second shadow. It will depend of the design and the interaction of the light sources.
  • Setting the distance of the light source from the sculpture and the angle to create a meaningful and viewable shadow.
  • Iterating the design in CAD might help me at the end to have a file to fabricate. But I might iterate it on sketch and using cheap material like cardboard and/or acrylic and once tested with the light sources, I can think of fabricating it.
  • Maintaining the Aesthetic of the artifact. Though my idea is heavily influenced on the functioning and the interaction of light and shadows, the criteria is to have a certain aesthetic to the sculpture. I will be able to implement it only after I have fabricated a physical sculpture which might take time.

Overall, I think I am being ambitious with this project and attempting to accomplish too many things at once but I’ll never know unless I start. In my opinion, I have to manage my time a lot and try to get the design finalized soon. This can ensure that I’ll have enough time to successfully finish the aesthetic aspect of the project on time.



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  • Colin Neeson
    May 10, 2023 11:57 pm

    I look forward if you are able to achieve this project. I’ve seen sculptures like this before but am always so confused about how you are able to make something like that. What is going be your design process?

  • India Johnson
    May 9, 2023 12:52 pm

    Hi Ankit!

    I agree with you, I think this design may be a little overly ambitious at this point in the semester, especially with how little time were given. On the other hand, I think you’ve throughly thought through the steps and what it will take to achieve your desired design.


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