Top 5 Specifications and Constraints – Interactive Chess Board

For my Interactive Chess Board, there are a few goals and considerations to take into account. They are as follows:



  • Players must be able to pick up and move pieces in the same fashion as a regular Chess Board.
  • The Chess Board must be clear in its use of color to demarcate where pieces can and cannot be moved to.
  • The Chess Board must feature some indicator for players to “reset” the board properly.
  • White and Black squares must be easily identifiable whilst still being able to light up with colors such as Red, Green, and Blue.
  • The internal wiring for the Chess Board must be entirely concealed, with ports on the sides to allow for Arduino-USB connection to the computer, and for the external power source to plug in.



  • Using Hall Effect magnet sensors makes it impossible to physically determine the type of piece being detected on the square.
  • To supplement this problem, the board must be “reset” to its starting position for the Arduino to correctly assume which pieces correspond to the different squares.
  •  The magnets in the chess pieces are powerful enough to repel other pieces off their square. A secondary grid is necessary to prevent pieces from being pushed out of place.
  • The size of the Neopixel grids dictate the size of the Chess Board. It will be larger than a traditional playing board, but cannot be too unwieldy to transport.
  • Ideally, I would be able to store the pieces inside the board during transit, but due to the wiring inside, this is an unpractical goal.


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  • Colin Neeson
    May 10, 2023 11:55 pm

    Wow this looks like a really exciting project. I can see how the magnets can be an issue. Could you use different strength magnets for different pieces? That might be extremely difficult to do and still don’t know of the sensors would detect the right piece or not.


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