Title: The Interactive Geometric Rock Project: Exploring the Journey from Concept to Creation (Part 1)

Inspirations and Existing Designs:

The idea for the Interactive Geometric Rock was inspired by various sources, including nature, technology, and art. One such example is the work of artist and designer Jenny Sabin, whose “Lumen” installation (source: [https://www.jennysabin.com/lumen]) combines technology, geometry, and lighting to create immersive and

interactive experiences. Other inspirations include natural rock formations, ambient lighting systems, and modern interactive sculptures.

Vision and Specifications:

The vision for the Interactive Geometric Rock project was to create a unique, versatile, and interactive lighting system that blends technology with a natural aesthetic. The specifications for the project included:

  1. Function: The rock should feature 13 LED surfaces that light up individually and have conductive properties to function as switches. It should also have mood and time-based lighting, transitioning from white in the morning to yellow in the evening.
  2. Form: The design should incorporate organic shapes and textures while maintaining a modern, geometric structure.
  3. Artistic Vision and Aesthetic: The project aimed to create a calming and soothing ambiance, with a natural aesthetic that embraces the concept of a rock

Initial Sketches and Final Design Plans:

The project began with a series of initial sketches which explored different forms and layouts for the LED surfaces. These sketches helped to refine the design, focusing

on a more organic and natural shape while still incorporating geometric elements.

Next, CAD drawings were created to further develop the design and visualize the final product. These drawings allowed for precise measurements and a better understanding of the rock’s structure and the placement of the LED surfaces.

The final sectional view of the design showcases the light panels integrated into the design combining the natural aesthetic with modern technology to create the Interactive Geometric Rock.

Aesthetic Embodiment:

Throughout the design process, the natural aesthetic remained at the forefront of the project. This was achieved by incorporating organic shapes and textures into the rock’s structure and choosing a calming color palette for the LED lights.

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  • Hey Aryan,
    Your project on the Interactive Geometric Rock is truly captivating! It’s fascinating how you’ve merged natural forms and modern technology to create something not only functional but also aesthetically soothing. The blend of organic textures and geometric design paired with the technology-driven functionality seems like it will offer users a unique and immersive experience.


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