Graduate Presentation: Le Corbusier

[Recorded Presentation Attached Below]

Le Corbusier was a Swiss architect and city planner who was lived from 1887 to 1965. He was the son of a Swiss watchmaker, which is important since he grew up familiar with the idea of precise, harsh lines. While he was able to use his dad’s profession as inspiration, he originally decided to become a writer and a painter. During his studies, a mentor of his decided that he should try to be an architect instead and once exposed to it, he quickly fell in love with it. Some of his main design influences were modernism functionalism, and sculptural expressionism and he also had some influences from purism, brutalism, and cubism.

He had several works that are now World Heritage Sites and a few of these can be seen below:

Citrohan House (1922) [1]

Coline Notre-Dame du Haut (1955) [2]


Unite d’habitation [3]




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