Upcycle Design Project: Organic Architecture

For my upcycle report, I pursued the aesthetic of organic architecture. I did this by creating a miniature house based on the aesthetic and using the Falling Water House by Frank Lloyd Wright as inspiration for the house. I made the house and base out of cardboard. I used a broken flower pot as a water feature representing waves or ripples in the river and rocks to blend in with the nature theme. I used wooden sticks as highlights on the house as well as for the porch and bridge. I used a paper bag as a canopy for both the gazebo across the river and the 2nd level deck covering. I added Lego leaves on top of the canopies to blend in the theme of nature as if there were like tree leaves providing shade.

Materials Used: Cardboard: 1 USP box, one tissue box, 1 Lego Box, Wood Elements: Kebab sticks and toothpicks, one broken flower pot, Paper bag, leftover Legos, A whole lot of hot glue sticks

Aesthetic Project – Kinetic Sculptures 

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