Robot Final Report(Part 2) – How?

In the second half of the Final report – I wanted to show the procedure & steps taken by our robot  as it takes it final shape. Also, the challenges encountered till now and challenges what awaits me in pursuit of building a human size sci-fi inspired robot.

The intended timeline of the project was as follows –


April 1 – April 10: Sourcing of Components and order placement.

April 10 – April 20: Design Concept final and fabrication material and plan readiness

April 20 – April 27: Hardware mode for Robot body build.

April 27-May 3: Iterate on aesthetic on need basis to keep artifact ready for presentation.


I went through a lot of changes from the conception of first shapes to final decided ones in the first build version of my robot of many versions about to follow this.

Here are the few step by step procedure images from as few components transform themselves to a 5DOF robot.

The final achieved arm looks pretty cool to me, I am still fine tuning the responses of the motors to make them better at navigating. Also, I am trying to train it’s vision subsystem a little bit of more data so increase its capability.

Link for Final Presentation where I talk about in detail about the build and what will follow after this build –

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