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Goblincore, also known as Gremilncore, is an aesthetic in which people enjoy slightly less conventional things.  Seen as the “darker companion to cottagecore”, those who enjoy this aesthetic tend to enjoy more natural and thrifted finds that typically consist of earth tones in darker shades and somewhat worn-looking or second-hand clothing..  The main colors used are greens and browns, though conflixting colors and rusty reds are also used.  Lots to animals and plants from nature are also seen in this aesthetic such as snakes, frogs, snails, mushrooms and various fungi, and even some animal bones.  Many people also tend to collect small, shiny objects like the goblins of folklore tend to do.  This aesthetic has been connected to both maximalism and escapism as well.

“Goblincore is a tribute to the unappreciated aspects of nature, be it animals, plants, or weather conditions. Instead of romanticizing harvests and domestic hobbies as cottagecore does, this aesthetic celebrates rainy days and natural items that serve no particular purpose. Its most common motifs include mushroomsmossy rocksslimy creatures, and any small object that shines.” (Info 3)

Goblincore wasn’t really defined until internet communities in the late 2010s and early 2020s when the pandemic forced everyone online.  It mainly gained popularity on online forums such as Tumblr and TikTok and Etsy shops saw a large increase in goblincore searches and purchases.  This aesthetic was deeply rooted in herbology, spirituality, non-conforming, witchcraft, and the magical realm but has grown in definition since it’s origin.

Goblincore is recognized as anti-consumerism.  Basically, in a goblincore household, whatever can be seen as being part of the aesthetic has been thrifted, found, or built by the owner.  Furthermore, general decorating guidelines of goblincore include low lights such as fairy lights, reflective materials such as mirrors, gems, and crystals, organized chaos, worn furniture, metal frames, lots of plants, terrariums, botanical prints, and lots of naturally found woodsy things.  Of course there is no one way to decorate goblincore, but those are the generally accepted aspects that make up the decoration asethetics.


This aesthetic has been very popular in LGBT+ communities and witchy people as well as ecofriendly, nature inclined people.  Unfortunately the name Goblincore is not accepted by everyone.  There are some who would rather call it Gremilcore or even Crowcore due to the tendency to gather small shiny objects, but it is most widely known as goblincore.

There is even a kind of fragrance that is associated with goblincore.  It’s typically earthy scents such as Bamboo, Galbanum, Pine, Chypre, Herbal, Spring, Sandalwood, Musk, Dirt, Patchouli, and even Cinnamon.  As this aesthetic is one that likes the slightly less conventionally liked, the frangrances associated with it try not to be too floraly and more woodsy.

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  • […] Post 1 – 2024 Aesthetic Exploration: Goblincore […]

  • Hi Juliette, this was a wonderful experience to read through. I never really thought of relating this unique aesthetic to a darker version of cottagecore but I think the term works pretty well. It’s interesting to see how braod this aesthetic reaches in regards to nature.

  • Hi Julliette, I really enjoyed reading about Goblincore. One thing that I enjoyed about your post was the depth you brought into the aesthetic, instead of just focusing on object you went into depth about things such as the scent of Goblincore which is something I don’t think most people even think about in regards to an aesthetic. I would have loved for you to tell us more about the ideals of goblin core and from what corners of the internet it came form and gone more in depth about why it came to existence.


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