For my upcycling project, I am planning on creating a frame for a poster out of scrap wood. My idea is to take oddly shaped pieces of wood that would likely be thrown away or left in an alley and use them to create a cohesive frame. My goal is to create a design that stands on its own, but doesn’t distract the viewer from the poster. The poster I have is similar to the image below.

Colorado Buffaloes - 100th Season at Folsom Field Panoramic Poster - the  Stadium Shoppe

It is a photo of Folsom Field during a football game. The poster is a very odd size so I haven’t been able to find a frame that actually fits it. Additionally, I think that most poster frames are very lame and flimsy.Styleline™ Poster Frame By Studio Décor®

I think that I can definitely improve on this design and make the frame more robust. My current goal is to create a frame that showcases the grain or burl of the wood and coordinates with the colors within the poster. I think that minimalism is the best choice for this project, since the photo is so detailed. I don’t want to draw away from the contents of the poster by making my frame really loud or detailed.


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  • Hi Jonathon,
    It looks like we are both making picture frames, hopefully it isn’t as hard as it seems! I like the inspiration for your project, needing that specific dimension for the frame. Great idea to choose minimalism to keep the attention towards the photo.

  • Sierra Greeley
    February 4, 2024 2:55 pm

    Hello Jonathon,
    To start, the poster that you are making the frame for is super cool! I think that this is an interesting challenge to take on because, like you said, the dimensions of the poster are quite odd. I’m interested to see how the scrap wood is going to work to make a sturdy aesthetically pleasing frame. Do you know what colors you are planning to take from the poster to use in the frame?


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