Jonathon Gruener Project Portfolio

During my time in this class, I was able to refresh and develop a lot of my skills. I learned a ton about different aesthetics, from clothing to chairs. For our larger projects, I was able to refresh my skills with SolidWorks, as well as build up new woodworking skills

Upcycle Project

For my upcycle project, I created a minimalist frame for a poster of Folsom Field. This poster was gifted to me by a friend, and I had never had a good way to hang it up. Since the dimensions of the poster are not standard, it was nearly impossible to find an affordable frame. So, I decided I would upcycle some wood and make one myself. I reused some floor moulding and cut it down to size to make this project. I had to make a custom cardboard backing for the frame to hold in the poster. I chose to do a minimalist style as to not detract from the detail within the poster.

Project Links:

Initial Plans

Project Progress

Project Report


Main Project

For my main project, I wanted to build something that would help me with my trouble sleeping. I have listened to a lot of podcasts about the topic, and something that consistently comes up is using non-overhead, warm lighting as you are getting ready for sleep. Because of this, I decided I would make a desk lamp that could dim down as I was getting ready to go to bed. I chose to embrace the Scandinavian aesthetic, because I am a big fan of mid-century modern, and Scandinavian design is an offshoot of that. Scandinavian design also focuses on warm colors, comfort, and diffused lighting.

For constructing the project, I chose to laser cut it out of Cherry wood. This gave me an opportunity to refresh my skills in SolidWorks before I graduate and get a job. I also had a lot of challenges that I had to overcome during this project. Overall, I am super proud of how it turned out and I have already started putting it to use.

Project Links:

Project Plan

Project Alternatives

Design Preview Report

Specifications and Constraints

Progress Update

Final Report – What?

Final Report – How?

Overall, I had an awesome time in this class. I took Flow Vis last semester and really enjoyed having that creative outlet. I personally am more of a builder than I am a painter/artist. So, I thought that this class would give me that same creative outlet while playing more to my skills with laser cutters, 3D printing, etc. It was super fun doing all the projects and it is nice to know that, when I inevitably need some furniture in the future, I have the ability to create it myself.

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