Post 3: Upcycle Progress


As a quick background from Post 2, I am trying to recreate Duane Flatmo’s art aesthetic in a 3D small model. Lately I have been sketching different ideas of how I am going to shape the head and the body. I originally thought I would like to do a 3D shape such as an octahedron to represent a cubist/multi-perspective perspective.

Image 1: Head Shape Prototype.


Unfortunately, this seemed too distorted for what I wanted to achieve. I decided I would instead make a head out of paper mache and attach dramatic asymmetric facial features to the head. I then drew what I wanted the facial features to look like.

Image 2: Facial Features.


Once I settled on how I wanted the facial features to appear, I emphasized the asymmetry in further drawings. I decided that I would make a strange 3D head sit on a body made out of 2D pieces, but in a 3D pose. The pieces will most likely be made out of cardboard. Because Flatmo’s art often contains a joke or a funny message, I wanted my piece to have something ironic as well. I decided that the scene would be a baker taking out bread from a stone oven while his hat catches fire. Even though the baker appears to be a total mess, I want the loaves to look like they turned out perfectly. I also drew what I wanted the orientation of the baker to be in relation to the oven and table holding other loaves.

Image 3: Drawing of Exaggerated Facial Features and Room Orientation.


Next I drew what I want the pose would be as the bakes removes the loaf of bread from the oven. I also came up with a plan for how I would produce the body parts and them put them together for the baker’s pose.

Image 4: Body Parts and Pose


Following this sketching, I am ready to start prototyping the 3D structure of the baker’s body and head. I will be doing this over the next week.

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  • Lavender Giebner
    February 12, 2024 11:10 am

    Including your brainstorming and planning sketches on this post really helps convey both the aesthetic you’re aiming for and your ideas for the final product – great work on them! Depending on the pose of the baker’s feet and if the baker is structurally connected to the oven, he may not be stable; what are you planning on doing for the support (if it needs it at all)?

    • Hi Lavender, my plan currently is shifting to be able to hold the baker on a string like a marionette. My inspiration came from a youtube video that described how to build a marionette.

  • Ben, your sketches are looking really good. Looking at your previous post, I think you’ve really nailed the art style you’re aiming for, and it’s good to see the amount of thought you’ve put into translating 2D art into a 3D format. You’ve got a good start with the construction planning you’ve done so far. How big of a model are you thinking? Depending on the scale, you might have to think about things like weight and figuring out if your model will be able to stand on its own or if it will need some kind of support. Looking forward to seeing the final product!


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