To be honest I am not as far ahead as I would like to be. I haven’t sourced my materials yet and I am just barely getting a grasp of what I want to do. I initially had an idea where I would make a 3D Design of a house, 3D print it and use old materials to create it’s shape and physical features. Since that didn’t really fit the ethos of our project I have decided to redo my entire project and figure out something that would pass. Since then I have thought about using an old piece of wood to make a model of a car. Not a full shaped model, but where it’s made in sections to create the body shape before the aluminum panels are shaped around it. It’s basically like a prototype of the car shape before it’s made.

Wooden Car Shaping

The reason that I felt like I should do this was because it not only holds true towards my passion for cars, but it also pushes my boundaries in terms of design with raw materials, using an old plank of wood to create a new car frame will be far from easy, but it can be done in sections. As of now, getting a plank will be fairly easy, but cutting it into the dimensions used for the car shape will be a bit harder. So we’ll see how it goes.



“Myth-Busting: Morgan Chassis Are Made of Wood, True or False?” Myth-Busting: Morgan Chassis Are Made of Wood, True or False? | Classic Driver, Accessed 7 Feb. 2024.

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  • Andres, I think this is a great idea and could introduce a very nice aesthetic into any space. Is there a specific aesthetic that you have in mind? I was also wondering as I was reading this if you have a particular type of car that you would want to model?

  • Andres,
    I appreciate your honesty in terms of the progress of your project. I hoped that you would dive into your car idea a bit more. I don’t fully have a grasp of what it is, I would elaborate a bit more into your plans for this project.


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