Upcycle Progress Report: Levitating Globe with Steampunk Aesthetic

I Finally decided on what Project I am going to work on  where I aim to transform an old globe into a mesmerizing piece of art that levitates and showcases a steampunk aesthetic. This report outlines my plans, fabrication schedule, and the materials I have collected so far.

Project Concept

My vision is to create a unique upcycled artwork that combines the vintage charm of steampunk design with the modern marvel of magnetic levitation. The centerpiece of my project is a globe, which will be made to levitate between the ends of a beautifully adorned C-shaped structure.

Design Elements:

  • Levitating Globe: I plan to enhance the globe with steampunk features.
  • C-Shaped Structure: It will be embellished with gears and metallic accents, serving as the base for the magnetic levitation mechanism.
  • Steampunk Accents: Gears, cogs, pipes, and dials are going to be key elements, along with an antique metallic finish.

    Fabrication Schedule

    Week 1

    • : Initial Assembly & Globe Modification
      • Assembling the levitation mechanism and conducting preliminary tests.
      • Starting the painting and decoration of the globe.

    Week 2

    •  Structure Decoration & Further Globe Modification
      • Decorating the C-shaped structure with gears and accents.
      • Continuing the globe’s steampunk transformation.
    •  Integration and Balancing
      • Assembling all components, focusing on achieving a balanced levitation.
      • Making aesthetic adjustments for a cohesive look.  Final Testing, Adjustments, and Completion
        • Conducting final tests to ensure stable levitation.
        • Finalizing aesthetic details and preparing the piece for presentation.

    Design Finalization & Material Collection

    • Finalizing sketches and confirming material list.
    • Acquiring the globe, levitation kit, and steampunk elements.

Design Inspiration

Generate by DallE


Design Prototype

Materials Collected

  • Globe: Sourced from a local thrift store, ideal for modification.
  • Magnetic Levitation Kit: Procured online, capable of supporting the modified globe.
  • Steampunk Elements: Gears, cogs, brass pipes, and old dials, ready for use.
  • Metallic Paints: Selected in bronze, copper, and brass for the desired finish.
  • Adhesives and Tools: Stocked up on strong epoxy, glue, and essential tools.


I anticipate a couple of challenges ahead:

  • Weight Balance: Ensuring the globe is perfectly balanced for stable levitation post-decoration.
  • Aesthetic Integration: I need to integrate the levitation mechanism with the steampunk design without hindering its functionality.


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  • Jadin Zaccagnino
    February 11, 2024 8:18 pm

    Grreshan, this is a really cool and unique project idea, and I look forward to seeing it come to shape. The levitation feature is perfect to apply to the steampunk aesthetic, since it is a subgenre of retrofuturism. While I read your plan, I had an interesting Idea that you may find to be a worthwhile addition to your aesthetic: you could attached a switched or non switched light, motor, or other electronic component to the piece. This could be done easily by repurposing the pre-made circuitry of old toys and electronics. Although this may be outside the scope of this first project, I thought it could be a cool addition to your project which I’m honestly interested in seeing progress.

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      February 18, 2024 3:03 pm

      Thank you for your creative suggestion! Adding a light or motor from repurposed electronics is a brilliant idea that aligns well with the steampunk theme. I’ll explore incorporating this into the project gently, ensuring it complements the design. Your interest and input are greatly appreciated – stay tuned for updates!

  • Hello Grreshan, I like your idea for this project. I specifically enjoy that the steampunk elements on the globe make the idea of the world turning as a mechanical phenomenon instead of a force due to gravity. I was wondering how you plan on securing the globe from rolling off of the levitation kit?

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      February 18, 2024 3:05 pm

      Thank you for your kind words and insightful question! I’m considering using magnetic stabilization or a discreet mechanical restraint to securely position the globe on the levitation kit, ensuring both stability and aesthetic harmony. Your query is greatly appreciated as it helps refine this important aspect of the project.


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