Upcycling Progress – Organic Modern Multi-functional Furniture Piece

Upcycling Progress

Organic Modern Multi-function Furniture Piece

ATLS 4279 – Aesthetics in Design

AJ Terio




I’ve finally received the proper measurements necessary to get started with the proper dimensions and specifications and design choices. Because this will be my first iteration of this design (this upcycled design will be the prototype for my final project in full size and grandeur), I will be scaling this design down slightly and discovering where all the functions go in relation to each other. The only issue I’ve run into thus far is that I do not have much space to work in in regards to length. I know this because I am creating this piece for a specific location in mind and it’s very close to an opening door, so I am limited to ~7” of length. 


Next Steps

I have completed orthographic and isometric sketches of my first prototype and I’m pretty happy with how things are moving so far. The next thing I plan on doing is creating a 3D model of this design so that I can be sure of scaling dimensions and component pieces and how things will link together and all that. Once I have completed this model, I’ll be ready to shape the scrap wood I will have acquired into a small version of this piece. I will likely be painting this with old white and green acrylic paint (might use real grass or moss for the greenery I’d like to incorporate) to make this design look more appealing and similar to the aesthetic I am trying to create.

Orthographic/Isometric Views


One of the big goals I have for this project is to practice the component design of how everything fits together, so that it will be easy for someone like my parents to put together. This also means this design should be easy to break down and fit into a shipping box. While it is a reach goal, I’d like for everything to be able to be folded together neatly so that I can easily transport it and reassemble it as I like. 

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  • Riley Menke
    May 7, 2024 5:31 pm

    Hey AJ, I thought your sketches clearly conveyed your ideas and information. I also really like that you are making it custom for a location you’ve clearly been thinking about. Can’t wait to see the final product.

  • Alexis Cisneros
    February 12, 2024 9:47 am

    HI Aj,
    I like the sketches you provided. I had seen your one of your project posts before and was having trouble visualizing what you were trying to accomplish. I like how you split your post into sections and discuss the next steps. One question I do have is how heavy your piece is going to be? It seems like one of the larger projects and could cause an issue later on. Great progress so far!

  • Hi Aj,
    I like that your project is something functional and useful, which I don’t think is common here when I scroll through the other project posts. I think that you might struggle with a compactable design as you mentioned with the overall size of this piece, as 8′ in height is going to be difficult to pack up unless that back board is modular or something so that it can be taken apart. Just something to take into account on that side, otherwise it’s a great design and I look forward to seeing a 3D model.


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