What I have chosen to be my project is a bottle tap piece of chainmail armor. I am going to use bottle tas and interlace them together to make a chainmail armor. I want to make this piece a fantasy aesthetic. Fantasy includes massive large-scale otherworldly environments, lands, and fashion. The idea is the art is extravagant and detail-oriented with the point of expanding the world and making worldbuilding more realistic. 

The world is usually divided into sections and regions, some being more elevated, mystical, and magical, some being medieval, steampunk, and army and kingdom-based, and some being evil, with monsters and trolls.

The first genre is the “elvish” elegant, high-class, and intelligent. This aspect of Fantasy usually has the most magic and mystical systems that go along with it. Sometimes it’s encompassed with an idea of spirituality and nature playing a large role in this aesthetic. 

The other part of this aesthetic is the kingdom side. I find that this can fluctuate between mid-evil styles and fairy tale styles. Mid-evil is more rugged castles with bricks and thrown rooms with large dining halls, with the classic king and queen costumes and tropes. The fairy tale aspect can be found through the large dresses and fancy clothing and the “Disney” style of art and architecture. 

The third part of this aesthetic is the “army and military” aesthetic which is more of the aesthetic that I am going to focus on. This can be found through the war and army clothing used for protection and war.  

I want to have this army look to the outfit but to almost look like a fashion version of it. I was thinking of it having a chic look to it by making shoulder pads or possibly fringe to make more art fashion choices as opposed 

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  • Jess Corbitt
    May 8, 2024 11:14 am

    I adore fantasy fashion and look forward to seeing this project. Having done some chainmail I am concerned about they supply of bottle tabs and the time that chainmail takes.


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