Exploring the Opposite of My Aesthetic: Farmhouse

After working with the industrial modernist aesthetic for the past few weeks, I have found a clear opposite to this aesthetic. After working with exposed piping, sharp edges, and dark colors I was able to determine that the opposite of my aesthetic has qualities like warmth, colors, and hidden materials. On paper, this sounds like my chosen aesthetic may not be the most pleasing, however, I think both of these aesthetics can appeal to different audiences and work in certain environments. I have chosen my opposite aesthetic as Farmhouse Aesthetic, a common interior design aesthetic used in America in suburban households. 

Above you can see how the Farmhouse aesthetic utilizes natural lighting, open space, and white walls. Light wood textures and bright appliances also can differentiate the Farmhouse aesthetic from industrial modernism. Another important aspect of the Farmhouse aesthetic is the utilization of space. I noticed that every corner of potential open space will be occupied by some sort of appliance or art piece. Although this is not bad, industrial modernism utilizes open space and empty rooms to amplify the aesthetic. 

Here you can see how industrial modernism utilizes open space, sharp edges, and exposed material. I think the exposed ceiling and concrete perfectly describe the industrial aesthetic Ive been using in my upcycling project. If I were to change my current design to tailor to the Farmhouse aesthetic I would make a few integral changes. First, I would use brighter material rather than steel piping that also has very rough edges. I would also be sure to avoid using a lot of 90 degree angles and look for more subtle geometries. For example, maybe I would smoothen out the harsh curves and potentially make the shelf on just the horizontal plane. 

Another potential change I could utilize within the Farmhouse aesthetic would be using a new material. Instead of using steel piping I think using redwood or walnut would provide a warm feel to the shelf unit. In addition, I think instead of welding the shelfs to the pipes themselves I could use wood screws to add a nice flare to the shelf. 

Here, you can see the warm wood texturing that I was referring to and how the Farmhouse aesthetic utilizes large, bright pieces or material. I think that both of these aesthetics have interesting plays on each other and they have their places in certain environments. Personally, I find the industrial modernist aesthetic would belong in a more urban environment where the Farmhouse aesthetic would belong in more of a suburban setting. Both of these aesthetics have great appeals and utilize the outside surroundings to a great extent. 






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  • Nicholas Gotlib
    March 6, 2024 4:12 pm

    I think you did a really great job of explaining how the farmhouse aesthetic is clearly an opposite aesthetic from the industrial aesthetic of your project. It is interesting to think about the colors and how they play a roll into how a space can make you feel, do you think a darker “farmhouse” aesthetic is possible with similar elements to what you discussed?

  • Garrett Miller
    February 18, 2024 8:21 pm

    Hello Mr. Alexander Reynolds!!! I find this to be an extremely enticing opposing aesthetic! I was wondering what the opposite of industrial modernism could be, and farmhouse interior seems to fit the bill. I wonder what you would make your project out of if you went with this aesthetic instead?

  • Andres Serrano
    February 18, 2024 7:15 pm

    I am a huge fan of architectural and interior design, especially when it comes to the opposites of warm and dark/colder designs. Is there a way that you could incorporate both aesthetics into one? Or do you prefer the darker industrial design.


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