Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic – Organic Modern vs. Cyberpunk Industrial

Opposite Upcycle Aesthetic

Organic Modern vs. Cyberpunk Industrial

ATLS 4279 – Aesthetics in Design

AJ Terio


OrganicModernVsCyberPunkIndustrialWhy they are opposite

The organic modern aesthetic I’m hoping to achieve with my project is tailored to the style that my parents already have created in our kitchen back home in Virginia. This aesthetic will utilize natural resources for building such as wood, cork, moss and plants with a white painted coat to match with the rest of the cabinets and walls. 

Examples of Organic Modern

Now cyberpunk industrial pretty much embodies the complete opposite aesthetic I am trying to encapsulate, and here is why. Cyberpunk embodies technology, futuristic elements, neon lights, metal, gears and a lot of inorganic materials. The industrial aesthetic works to capture exposed brick, industrial lighting, large building systems and massive networks of wire, pipes, and structural beams. These two aesthetics combine the concepts of massive and extensive networks of machinery with the futuristic genre of science fiction set in a lawless subculture to create a surreal apocalyptic landscape of artificially run factories and skyscrapers.

Examples of Cyberpunk industrial

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  • Hello,

    The first image that you have included in the post does an amazing job illustrating the opposite aesthetics. I think an interesting way to possibly incorporate your opposite cyberpunk aesthetic could be bold, vibrant lighting, or adding machinery of some sort to the already existing wood-tones you use.

  • Hi AJ, I thing cyberpunk industrial is a great opposite of organic modern. I don’t think I’ve even seen a plant in cyberpunk art. What would you have to change about your project to make it fit into a cyberpunk aesthetic?


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