Levitating Steampunk Globe: An Artistic Confluence of Past and Future

Levitating Steampunk Globe: An Artistic Confluence of Past and Future


This report unveils the journey of crafting a unique upcycled art piece: a levitating globe with steampunk influences. It represents an amalgamation of vintage aesthetics and modern technology, illustrating a creative fusion of different eras.

Project Concept

The objective is to upcycle an old globe into a stunning artwork that levitates gracefully. The globe, situated within a C-shaped structure, epitomizes a blend of historical elegance and futuristic innovation.

Steampunk Aesthetic Inspiration

Steampunk, a genre and design style that melds the historical elements of the Victorian era with futuristic concepts, heavily influences this project. Its appeal lies in the intricate blend of brass, copper, and gears, reminiscent of 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. This aesthetic not only inspires the visual aspects of the globe but also infuses a sense of whimsical yet functional antiquity into the entire piece.

Design Elements

  • Levitating Globe: Enhanced with steampunk features to add character and depth.
  • C-Shaped Structure: Embellished with gears, metallic accents, and supports the magnetic levitation mechanism.
  • Steampunk Accents: Gears, cogs, pipes, chains and dials, with an antique metallic finish, vital for capturing the steampunk essence.

Fabrication Schedule

  • Week 1: Initial assembly, globe modification, and preliminary tests. Commencing the globe’s transformation into a steampunk masterpiece.
  • Week 2: Decorating the structure, further globe enhancements, and integration of components for balanced levitation.
  • Final Week: Final tests, aesthetic adjustments, and finalization for presentation.

Design Finalization & Material Collection

  • Sketches and Materials: Finalizing design sketches and assembling materials like the globe, magnetic levitation kit, and steampunk elements.

Design Inspiration

Final Design


The decorated C frame

The final Design

Materials Collected

  • Globe: Sourced from a local thrift store.
  • Magnetic Levitation Kit: Procured online.
  • Steampunk Elements: Gears, cogs, brass pipes, old chains
  • Metallic Paints: In bronze, copper, and brass tones, Magnetic paint primer .
  • Adhesives and Tools: Epoxy, glue, and necessary tools.


  • Weight Balance: Ensuring stable levitation post-decoration.
  • Aesthetic Integration: Blending the levitation mechanism with the steampunk design without hindering functionality.


This project blends artistic vision with mechanical precision, aiming to create a visually captivating and functionally robust artifact. The integration of steampunk aesthetics signifies a harmonious dialogue between past and future, showcasing the limitless potential of creative upcycling.

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  • that looks amazing

  • Hey Grresjan,
    I really enjoyed reading this! I’ve always been someone who has liked the steampunk aesthetic, and think that your addition of magnets to make something levitate was really great. Steampunk as an aesthetic to me always feels very down-to-earth and using gears to get work done, whatever that may be. On the other hand, I have always felt that it has a certain sense of wonder to it, like you don’t know what the gears are going to be used for or what the machine does, but it will probably be something interesting. I think your addition of the globe and magnets to get it to levitate was something that added a bit of whimsical fascination/magic to the aesthetic. I think it came out great, and good job!


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