For this project I was inspired by designers that I enjoy to follow and some things from my childhood.

I want to create a helmet that is made of cardboard and resembles the brutalist and cyber aesthetics. My first source of inspiration comes from Japanese manga artist Shotaro Ishinomori. He is the one who created the idea and design for the Power Rangers. Growing up I felt very inspired by the sleek and stealthy looking design of the characters. I remember dressing as them for Halloween whenever I could and the helmet was the most important part. I am hoping to draw inspiration from the clean and simple lines and creating distinct futuristic looking details.

Cmon Hasbro don't be shy, drop the Black and Yellow Ranger please! Gotta  get the white, pink, and blue helmets signed at some point too! :  r/powerrangers

My next source of inspiration comes from a young designer I have been following for a few years. He goes by @yalocaloffgod on instagram or just Off God in short. He recently worked with Bape and also helped popularize headphone attachments on the new Apple over-ear headphones.

In this example you can see how he uses 3D printing to create these very organic shapes and an eccentric silhouette. For my project I want to take that elaborate and outrageous approach to my helmet. Adding some organic shapes and eccentricities to the outside of my helmet almost representing headwear worn by Pharos.

My next source of inspiration comes from another manga artist Kentaro Miura who created Berserk. This is an epic/dark fantasy filled with crazy depictions of stylized armor.

How do you guys feel about the Berserker Armor? I know to some it's amazing  and to others it's a downright betrayal since Guts never used magic, me  personally i love itSame look, different realities : r/Berserk

For these images I want to focus on what is going on around the helmets. The raised surfaces and ridges create a grungy feel that really inspires me and I hope to be able to create a silhouette that is similar. On the contrary the middle image shows something similar to the Power rangers so I will have to play with both styles and see what feels right. Overall this gives me a lot of direction and shows me that anythings is really game when it comes to the style of a helmet. I see now that both examples have the mouth missing for most of the depictions so maybe I can incorporate that too.

For this project I wanted to focus on getting the aesthetic to a place I felt I saw in my head. My aesthetic comes from my experience with design and how mystery has always intrigued me. I wanted to create something that would make people want to know whats behind the mask and something that may be the future of our wearable technology. I want this to feel like it is from the future. For the function size I want to be able to wear it and maybe have modular visors/decor.

I first started with my sketches. Based off of those I started to make a template of my head. Slowly by cutting out pieces I started to make the shape of my head.

Looking at the left photo above you can see the funny shape on the right. That was my first small scale prototype of the front of the mast and ended up becoming the headpiece. Next I created the inner visor and painted the head silver. after that I started to create the visors and side head pieces. Overall it was a tedious process but just going one step at a time helped.

Finally I added the visor but felt like it needed a little more flourish. you can see the wing like side pieces on the table below and thats what I decided to add.

Wearing the helmet

As you can see in the video my helmet is a little small and is something I thought I had covered before I painted it. For my first time doing it I was very close but in the future I will just add a couple more inches to the pieces I cut out.

This is my final and I am very happy with how I came out actually. When it comes to my functional goals I failed and succeeded. I was able to make the visor modular and while it is not a very good design it works. I think if I were to do it again I would add hooks so it is much easier to clip them on and off. I failed because I was unable to make it very wearable. It works but its not very comfortable and not very function in that sense at least for me maybe for someone with a smaller head it would be good. I think my object very much suits my aesthetic. I took a lot of inspiration from the Power Rangers and that really shows. I was able to blend the cyber with the medieval knight helmet and it came out awesome. For what is next there is a lot. As I said before I wanted this to be a prototype for a better helmet in the future. This helped me find a rough idea of the dimensions I need and what design I like already. I want to refine the design and maybe resin print a version of this mask. It would make it much cleaner and maybe I could even add more cyber elements onto the CAD model. Overall I had a blast doing this project and hopefully everyone can buy one of my medieval cyber helmets :).

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  • Lavender Giebner
    February 26, 2024 11:09 am

    Lovely post! I think you ultimately nailed the look; from both the finished project and your brainstorming sketches, these designs look straight out of late 90s television shows. Do you know how the helmet turned out a bit small for you? It sounds like you took good precautions for that by making that template.


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