Post 6: Main Project Plans and Inspirations – Sophie Berry

As of right now I would describe being drawn to an aesthetic that is clean and elegant without overstepping into the realm of being too ornate. I think it draws heavily on minimalism because of the paired down functional nature of the aesthetic. I would like to think that my aesthetic might have more leniency than minimalism allowing for more intricate detailing than standard minimalism would. I think that as long as the design isn’t cluttered or overly ostentatious and the design doesn’t impact the functionality then adding a bit of detail might add to the interest of the piece. Of course the detail would need to mesh with the overall design, but if it is integrated well then I think a design detail could make something more than just practical but also intriguing and maybe even beautiful.

As for the upcoming final assignment I am not sure of my final aesthetic but I think that I would like to try and combine the functionality and detailed intricacy of my preferred aesthetic with something more antique. Something along the lines of  a reimagining of a retrospective look at something antique but done with modern methods. However I’m not sure I will be able to lean fully into the modern antiquity aesthetic because I would like the design to remain more functional than ornamented. 

I might be able to address the clashing of aesthetics by going for something that had once been pristine and nice but which has been worn and well loved. Like an old book that has worn and been read many times and is now showing its age.

I think while these aesthetics are possibilities the aesthetic will be more clear when I decide on what to make for the final project.




Prompt: What is your personal aesthetic? What major 20th Century design movements does it draw on? What environments or experiences in your past have inspired it? The places you grew up in, a band you saw while younger, a game you were addicted to? After thinking about this, will your main project stay in this aesthetic, or will you try something new, outside your comfort zone? If you have news about your project, discuss that in this post too.

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  • Josh Sweeney
    March 6, 2024 6:50 pm

    Hi Sophie, this is a pretty cool aesthetic and I’m interested to see what you can do with it. Have you heard of the “classic academia” or “dark academia” aesthetics? I think they might use some of the elements that you are trying to incorporate into your project.

  • Hey Sophie , your post demonstrates a thoughtful consideration of aesthetics, recognizing the balance between functionality and detail in design and I like it! The exploration of combining minimalism with elements of antiquity shows a creative approach to crafting a unique aesthetic for the final project. Could you provide more specific examples or visual references to illustrate how you envision combining minimalism with antique elements? Providing concrete examples could help clarify your vision and make it easier to translate into the final project design.


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