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I would describe my personal aesthetic as minimalism. I think that my plan to make an artifact following a utilitarian aesthetic is closely aligned with my personal minimalist aesthetic.

StackShot Macro Rail

For my final project I plan to create a macro rail system for my camera. Since I would like the result of this project to have a practical function with maximum utility in mind I will be following a utilitarian aesthetic. Unlike my Upcycling project where I could safely rely on rough sketches to drive my vision for this project I will need to actually create well though out designs in order to make an operational unit.

Neewer Rail System

Ideally I would use metal or hard plastic to construct most if not all of the artifact. I would like to incorporate a stepper motor into the device similar to the first figure as opposed to a manual system shown in the second figure. Before I move to fabricating the piece out of metal I will likely prototype it using additive manufacturing methods. I hope to find a good amount of the components as COTS parts to reduce manufacturing costs and time. Depending on the cost for any electronics/COTS parts I may opt to transition to a mainly 3D printed and laser cut final product due to budget constraints.


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  • Cannon Leitz
    March 3, 2024 8:55 pm

    I love the idea, it totally fits the utilitarian aesthetic. I was wondering if you have a specific plastic or metal in mind for your materials?

    • Alex Fitzgerald
      March 5, 2024 10:32 pm

      Hey Cannon! I was thinking I would use cheap and easily machined materials like Delrin or Aluminum.


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