My Approach

In approaching this project and specifically the aesthetic choice for this project I decided to take a moment and sit and think about things I had seen or experienced in my life that I enjoyed.  While I did this, I tried to categorize these images or things into aesthetics that they could be grouped into.  In doing so, some of the aesthetic categories that seemed to be repeated more than others revolved around the following: a natural and organic aesthetic, a high-tech futuristic Tron-like aesthetic, and a simplistic minimal modern aesthetic.  The aesthetics I had in mind can be seen below in order from left to right.

A simplistic and minimal aesthetic focusing on watches and clocks, with organic and natural elements. The image features a variety of wristwatches and clocks, each designed with a nature-inspired theme. These timepieces are displayed on a rustic wooden table, showcasing different styles like wooden frames, straps made of natural fibers, and faces with nature-themed designs. The background is a warm, natural wood or stone texture, complementing the eco-friendly and organic theme. The lighting is soft and warm, enhancing the textures and colors of the natural materials used in the watches and clocks. The overall composition exudes a sense of timelessness and the beauty of merging traditional timekeeping with natural aesthetics.A high-tech futuristic cityscape inspired by a Tron-like aesthetic. The image showcases a vibrant neon city with sleek, geometric architecture. Skyscrapers with glowing lines and surfaces dominate the skyline, reflecting a range of neon colors like blue, purple, and pink. Elevated roads and pathways are illuminated with bright neon lights, creating a network of glowing lines that crisscross above and between the buildings. The atmosphere is charged with a sense of advanced technology and futurism, with flying vehicles and holographic displays adding to the dynamic scene. The overall composition conveys a world where technology and design merge in a visually stunning way.A simplistic and minimal modern aesthetic, focusing on a wristwatch and a workstation. The image features a sleek, modern wristwatch with a clean design, placed on a minimalist desk. The desk is uncluttered, with a streamlined, modern computer setup, including a thin monitor, a wireless keyboard, and a mouse. The background is a plain, light-colored wall, enhancing the focus on the objects. The lighting is soft and natural, highlighting the simplicity and elegance of the watch and the workstation. The overall composition is characterized by clean lines, unobtrusive colors, and a focus on functionality and style.

Image generated by Image Generator Tool, an AI model developed by OpenAI, accessed 02/28

What Are These Images?

The images generated above through AI represent the general vibe of the three aesthetics that I am trying to narrow down.  Each aesthetic is very different from the next as the organic natural aesthetic displays natural colors with extensive use of wood.  The high-tech Tron-like aesthetic shows a lot more color, and sharp edges and encapsulates the futuristic vibe of the aesthetic.  And the minimal modern aesthetic seen on the right can be identified with its simple shapes, neutral colors and overall being very easy on the eyes.  Between these aesthetics, I can understand my inspiration for each: the organic aesthetic is from the many trips to the tropical beaches I took and their use of their landscape and nature to benefit their hotels, restaurants or atmosphere, the futuristic aesthetic I can only imagine to come from me growing up surrounded by the big city and fast life of Bangkok, and the modern simple aesthetic was always a fond aesthetic of mine growing up and I was always attracted to things that were nice but didn’t scream out of the page at you.

Stay Comfortable or Venture Into the Unknown

The reason these aesthetics stuck out to me was because I appreciate them and each in their own way.  However, that being said I also have never strayed away from stepping outside the box and trying something new.  Although all of the aesthetics above remind me of my upbringing, taking risks and stepping outside the box are some of the childhood experiences that defined me most and formed me into who I am today.  With that, although I do like all of the aesthetics above, I am deciding for my main project aesthetic to venture outside of this comfort zone and try something new.  Exactly what that is I do not know however I will try and venture away from my previous upcycle aesthetic which was the organic natural aesthetic seen above and leftmost.  I will have to brainstorm some more and possibly combine multiple aesthetics into one or take pieces of certain aesthetics and twist them to work.  Although I do not know the aesthetic I will be choosing yet, I do know the basis of my project.  I want to make myself a functional wristwatch that I can wear but not be embarrassed about.  And to make sure I am not embarrassed about it, my aesthetic will be a key part of ensuring it looks good.

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