Ideating: Photography Projects in Different Aesthetics

Main Project: Still Ideating

Original Idea: For awhile, I wanted to design and fabricate a tripod adapter for my camera for this main project. My old Canon DSLR was stolen awhile ago with the Manfrotto tripod quick release plate (the component that screws into the camera body then clicks into the tripod) still attached. I wanted to make an adapter plate that would mate my Peak Design plate (on my new camera) to the Manfrotto tripod. The dynamic component would be a locking mechanism that is activated with the camera is placed on it.

However, upon more research I don’t think I will be pursuing this project. The adapter plate seems to be something that Peak Design already sells, I can buy a replacement Manfrotto plate for around $20, and these plates seem to be cast rather than machined–it would likely be too difficult for me to get the correct geometry by manually machining, and that would be really important for a secure attachment. I was looking forward to working with metal and fulfilling a minimalist and industrial aesthetic, so I am still thinking of projects in this realm.

Other Ideas:

One other project idea that I’ve come up with is to make an SD card holder. This would probably be 3D printed plastic. I could make a book-like case with a hinge, or something like a multi-tool keychain.

Examples of other 3D printed SD card holders [4].

With the 3D printed plastic and use case of electronic storage, it would be fun to lean into the 90s and y2k aesthetic of transparent and colorful casing on old electronics.


I’ve also explored the idea of making a pinhole camera. This could follow any number of aesthetics, since it is essentially a box I could decorate.

Or, I could make another type of camera mount for a mirrorless camera body or a GoPro. I would like to think of more ideas in the realm of outdoor adventure or photography projects that would allow me to work in the machine shop since that is something I enjoy. If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear!


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