My personal aesthetic could be described as nonchalant and unassuming. However, on the contrary I also appreciate standing out in my fashion sense. In my daily life, I express my taste in aesthetics through my clothes. My style can change drastically day by day.

On Monday I could wear teal chino pants with a short sleeve button down, quarter zip sweater and a gray puffer. Then on Tuesday, wear two-tone sweatpants joggers with a matching hoodie and a vest. Then Wednesday, I could wear tan pants with a white polo and silver bomber with a trucker’s hat. My appearance varies widely, the most consistent thing being white shoes, my watch and a ring. I have a lot of clothes that I wear for different occasions, what I wear to class will be different than what I wear to go fishing, or to the gym. In my mind, I have a personal hierarchy of clothes, and each is separated into different divisions. I hate to be underdressed and don’t typically feel uneasy being overdressed. I do like to adopt a sort of Cali clothing style, oversized t-shirts and hoodies with shorts or chino pants. Being from Colorado, I have a keen sense of life in the outdoors and have grown up spending much of my time outside. My sense of comfort in the outdoors is not fully expressed through my clothing choice and that is by design. I do not think outdoor clothing is particularly fashionable.

Because of my nonchalant nature I want to create something that is inconspicuous at first glance but upon future inspection is impressive and wonderous. My initial idea is to create a display for alcoholic bottles, sort of a charging dock. I want to make this out of wood and have a lighted element of it, lighting the bottles from the bottom. For a dynamic element of this piece, I plan to have a method of allowing rotation of the bottles. Something that I am thinking about is a way to have this piece work for different bottle shapes. I am thinking about using dark wood, this could mean either choosing a darker wood or staining a lighter piece of wood. My plan is to have space for 3 different bottles as well as have the base be unobtrusive and sleek.

Here are a couple photos of inspiration:

If done well, I think this would make a great night light for my kitchen. It also has a time dependent aspect where the way the bottle looks changes by the amount of liquid in the bottle.


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  • Hi Chris,
    This project idea sounds really cool. one thing that came to mind was making sure your light source wouldn’t produce any heat that could warm the liquid. I like the addition of spinning the bottles.

  • Hi Chris,
    This idea sounds extremely exciting and will be an amazing talking piece in your house! What type of light source and control unit are you thinking would work best for this project?

    • Chris Wachuta
      March 3, 2024 9:23 pm

      I have been putting some thought into this. I am thinking about doing a set of LED’s for each of the three bottles. I am planning on having the bottles be spun by hand but I still need to figure out a method to allow them to freely spin.


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