Main Project – Industrial Edison Bulb Lamp

My plan for the final project will be an industrial style Edison bulb lamp. Just like my previous project I enjoy creating things that I know I will use. For the longest time I have disregarded the significance of good lighting in order to create a visually appealing and cozy living space. I always knew lighting was significant, but in my brain it is incredibly complicated, I have however recently done a decent amount of lighting research and now have a mediocrely better understanding of lighting. I also tend to read almost every night before going to be, and I know the importance of having a bedside lamp. I am often squinting trying to read in my rather dark room, I have relied on natural lighting for far too long. It is time for me to create a beautiful lamp! the plan is simple, I want the project to revolve around the light of course. Anyone could make a lightbulb, but how will I make mine stand out. The first thing that came to mind was the Edison bulb, a beautiful bulb that perfect encapsulates the industrial aesthetic. I will support the bulb with some piping that will lead to the foundation of the lamp. At the foundation of the lamp I will used beautiful reclaimed wood, wood that supports the industrial aesthetic, and supports the other furniture in my room. In the wood I will also drill a hole for a dimmer, as I will ensure that I can get the perfect lighting for the mood, whether a clam relaxing night, or while I am reading.

My personal aesthetic is the industrial aesthetic. Industrial aesthetics draw on major 20th-century design movements such as Bauhaus, Modernism, and Streamline Moderne, emphasizing functionality, simplicity, and the integration of art with technology. Influences from Mid-Century Modern, International Style, Art Deco, Brutalism, and Pop Art can also be observed in the clean lines, use of modern materials, and focus on mass production. These movements collectively shape the visual and functional aspects of industrial design, providing a foundation for the creation of aesthetically pleasing and efficient products. Living on a farm ack home and having to be resourceful and reuse old materials definitely influenced that. My main project will definitely stay within the industrial aesthetic.

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  • Hey Adlai,

    This seems like a fun project to do. What are your plans for the glass of the light bulb? Also do you plan on doing anything to make the light bulb seem aged or do you want to keep yours clean and simple?

  • Jace Aschbrenner
    February 29, 2024 1:07 pm

    Hello Adlai!
    This sounds like a great idea for a home lamp! I enjoy how the piping structure of the lamp will also serve as the primary decoration, and that the lamp will serve to highlight your ability as an engineer in your home! Are there any special considerations in choosing a type of light bulb or style of light? Also, what do you believe will be the most difficult part of this build?


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