I’m not entirely sure what exactly I want to create yet.  I do know that I want to create something that aligns more with the Cottagecore and Goblincore aesthetics though.  As far as idea that could fit the criteria for this project, I’m thinking about some sort of plant stand where I could change the heights or the orientations of each stand, some sort of wall art that I can turn to reflect the seasons, or even one of those light shades that spin when the bulb gets hot enough that could project flower or stars or random shapes on the walls and ceilings.

I definitely like more earthy or colorful tones in my personal aesthetic along with plants and references to nature that could align with both Cottagecore and Goblincore.  For example, my dream room design is a reading room that has dark brown book shelves, dark sage green walls, black trim, and wisteria and ivy hanging (mainly fake) from the ceiling.  However, I would also love a kitchen that is covered in brighter colors such as pastels and generally smaller house plants so that the space gives off happy, comfortable vibes.


For the current ideas I have for my main project, I think that they could be incorporated into my current and future designing plans and uses.  I feel like the plant stand could be very useful as there are a lot of different plants and pot sizes that could use different shelf heights.  Being able to change the heights or the orientation of the shelves would be helpful to me if I wanted to change my plants around.

I think the project I would be least likely to make for this is the seasons art because it feels too simple or not dynamic enough.  I had a thought that I could make some sort of static part of this such as a tree trunk and then change one part of it around such as the branches or leaves, but they would have to be manually changed or rotated by me to fit the correlating seasons.  I don’t want to create an automatic rotation part of this because the seasons are so few and far between each other that I think the power would be wasted.

Finally, the spinning light shade feels like the most likely thing that I would try to create.  I like to use lamps or string lights rather than ceiling lights in my rooms as I just don’t like overhead lighting.  This is where I thought about a dynamic lamp shade of some kind.  As a kid, I had a night light that would spin whenever the bulb created enough heat to rotate this shade from the rising heat.  Nowadays, there are forms of plug in night lights that project images onto walls such as constellations.  I’m thinking of possibly combining those two things into a light shade that projects images onto walls and spins due to the heat from the light bulb from the lamp.  If I were to make this, I would probably make the projectable images into various flower and plant shapes and make the lamp shade itself some muted color that could be put into various locations and not look too out of place.


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  • Peter Arnold
    March 5, 2024 8:13 pm

    I really liked this post Juliette! Very nice collection of pictures, and sources! I like how you chose a specific, non-generic aesthetic as well. Overall gave me a very good understanding of what you are aiming to do here. One question I had was how do you plan on generating the movement of the lamp if that is what you do? With a motor, or heat? I am curious because I know one of the advantages of LEDs is that they generate such low amounts of waste heat in comparison to older bulbs.

  • Hi Juliette! I loved reading about your Final Project ideas so far. I totally understand the dilemma of having too many ideas to choose from… I’m in the same spot with my Final Project ideation. I have a few ideas that I want to pursue, so I’m having to choose the one I feel is strongest. For your situation, personally I love the idea of the “seasons” lamp. I think this would offer you a unique challenge in choosing materials, creating a seasonal effect, etc. On that note, I’m wondering what materials you’re considering for your lamp that are nature-inspired? Lmk!!!!


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