Main Project Plans and Inspirations

Joshua Beijer

Major Project Plans and Inspirations

My personal aesthetic is an amalgamation of midcentury modernism and minimalism, reflecting a preference for clean lines, functional design, and a restrained color palette. Drawing inspiration from the major 20th-century design movements, my aesthetic integrates the sleekness and functionality of midcentury modernism with the simplicity and elegance of minimalism.

Leanne Ford Interiors. –

Midcentury modernism, which emerged in the mid-20th century, emphasizes clean lines, organic shapes, and the integration of indoor and outdoor spaces. This movement’s focus on functionality and innovation resonates with my aesthetic sensibility. Minimalism, on the other hand, advocates for simplicity and eliminating excess, often characterized by spaciousness, monochromatic color schemes, and an emphasis on essential elements. Both movements prioritize simplicity, functionality, and timeless design, which align with my personal taste.

Growing up in the suburbs of Colorado has greatly influenced my aesthetic preferences. The surrounding natural landscapes, with their vast open spaces and clean lines, instilled in me an appreciation for simplicity and elegance. The minimalist design principles reflect the tranquility and serenity of the Colorado scenery, where nature’s beauty often speaks for itself. –

Moreover, the cultural ethos of Colorado, which values creativity and individuality, has shaped my aesthetic sensibilities. The emphasis on self-expression and creativity in Colorado’s suburban communities encouraged me to embrace unique yet functional design elements in both my living space and personal style.

While specific experiences or influences such as a particular band or game may not have directly shaped my aesthetic, they have contributed to my overall appreciation for simplicity, functionality, and innovation. These values are inherent in midcentury modernism and minimalism, reflecting a desire for spaces and objects that enhance both form and function. I aim to create spaces and styles that are both visually appealing and conducive to a sense of tranquility and harmony.

I will branch off from this aesthetic for my main project into a more gothic memento mori aesthetic while still modifying it to be a more simplistic and refined design. I have not decided on my project yet but my current idea is to create a desk decoration that I will be able to keep with me as I move forward with my career. One of the ideas for this project is to create a skull suspended in clear acrylic at the center of a gyroscopic turning stand. This stand would then be powered with a motor so that it would constantly be spinning. I will be ironing out these details and sketching the design in the coming week. Below is an AI-generated picture of the idea.

Copilot Designer Bing DALL-E 3

-Assisted by Open.AI ChatGPT 3.5-

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  • Michael Gray
    March 4, 2024 12:07 am

    Hi Josh,
    I think that your project choice is very creative and should turn out a really cool artifact!
    I find your use of an AI-generated picture fascinating! Do you have much experience with AI generated photos? Was it pretty easy to prompt the AI to create an image that you were looking for?

    • This was one of my first attempts with AI-generated photos. It was fairly easy to get something similar to what I wanted but extremely difficult to get exactly what I wanted. I still wasn’t able to get exactly what I wanted after a bunch of tries so I settled with the picture above.


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