Post 6 – Main Project Idea and Personal Aesthetic

First I will talk a bit about my personal aesthetic, and then I will talk about a potential idea that I have for my final project.

My personal aesthetic is a mixture of the various hobbies and interests that I have had throughout the years. I used to be really into skateboarding, and although I rarely skate anymore, I still wear a lot of clothing and brands related to skating. I would describe the aesthetic as using dark colors, dark colored pants, and skate shoes. Also being from Texas, I have a bit of redneck influence as well. I would describe that as camouflage, mesh back hats, and blue jeans.

I also am heavily into music and musical instruments. I enjoy the aesthetic of old jazz vinyl and the graphic design of the album covers. 

PC gaming has been a hobby of mine since I was a kid, so the glowing RGB aesthetic of computers has always captivated me. Although I think it can be overdone, I enjoy the RGB aesthetic of gaming computers and peripherals.

My family has always had either Toyota or Honda cars. I think as a result of this I have gravitated towards late 80s-90s JDM cars, and find them to be the cleanest looking. The exterior of the Toyota Z20 Soarer is one of the most aesthetically pleasing cars in my opinion, but I also love the retro-futuristic jet cockpit look of the interior of the Nissan 300zx Z31.

Overall, I think my aesthetic interests are too broad to combine into one project, so I am planning to focus on one or two of them. One idea for a project that I have been wanting to build for a while is a kinetic sand table, known as a “Sisyphus Table”. It works by using a mechanical gantry to move a magnet, which pushes a small steel marble through sand to create interesting designs. This project combines my interest in mechatronics, as well as my aesthetic preference for geometric design and RGB lighting. I am still not 100% sure if the scope of this project is outside of my capabilities and time requirements, however I feel like I could use this project to grow as an engineer and also incorporate some aesthetic choices that I enjoy. I would still like to spend some time brainstorming to see if there is a more unique way that I could incorporate more of my personal aesthetic preferences into a project similar to the Sisyphus table.



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  • Kyle Hashiro
    March 3, 2024 9:18 pm

    Wow, I like the idea of a kinetic sand table. I think this would be a really cool mechanical project. I definitely think you have the skills to pull it off. For your aesthetic, do you plan on using all of them, some of them, or a few of them together?

  • Brandon Phillips
    March 3, 2024 8:36 pm

    Hey Luke, the Sisyphus table looks awesome, but I agree that you’d need a lot of planning to see it come together in time. I could definitely see the table fitting into the PC/JDM car aesthetic if you install LEDs under the table glass. For the skater/jazz vinyls you may be able to work that into the patterns the ball makes. If you go with the Sisyphus table for your final project I’ll be super excited to see how it turns out!


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