Personal Aesthetic and Main Project Plans

Personal Aesthetic

I grew up just 30 minutes outside of Detroit Michigan which is of course known as the “Motor City” due to its historical significance as the epicenter of the American automobile industry. This is where Henry Ford revolutionized the industry with the introduction of assembly line production techniques; the city’s industrial infrastructure and skilled workforce also led to the growth of the automobile industry. The architecture of Detroit often reflects its industrial roots. Historic factories, warehouses, and automotive plants dot the cityscape, serving as reminders of the industrial past. These buildings are designed with functional efficiency and robustness which add to the overall aesthetic. Therefore, growing up, I was often surrounded by various industrial aesthetics especially when driving on the highway passing many assembly lines and manufacturing plants. There have been some restaurants that opened in recent years that have integrated the character of the city and the industrial aesthetic in their restaurants as seen below.

Look Around Corktown's New Restaurant Cork & Gabel - Eater Detroit

Cork & Gable located in Corktown


Detroit Fountain Hotel in Downtown

I think this aesthetic can be nice if integrated into a space correctly however, it is not my favorite aesthetic that I resonate with most.

My family is originally from Europe, and growing up I traveled to Germany every summer to visit friends and family. One of my favorite things to do when I visit is to walk into some of the furniture stores because of the modern aesthetic. Since the spaces and rooms in homes are smaller in Germany than they are in the US, their furniture is less bulky. This means that clean lines and angles are utilized in the designs which give the furniture a very modern and contemporary look. Many of the modern homes and interiors that I have seen in Europe have always resonated strongly with me. I try replicate this modern aesthetic in the environment and space that I live in with the use of decor and modern furniture. My friends know me as being very detail oriented because of my decor choices and how I position them in a space. I resonate with the modern aesthetic because it can introduce a great atmosphere into any space. I also find that this aesthetic helps me relax and it reminds me of my extended family and trips to Europe.

Main Project

I love to drink sparkling water. As a result, I go through many aluminum cans which all end up in the recycling bin. Each aluminum can takes up a substantial amount of volume in my recycling bin meaning I need to empty it often. In Michigan (where I am originally from), you would get a store credit for bottle return which is not possible where I am currently living. Therefore, I will be making an aluminum can crusher that you can place the can in and then crush it. There are existing devices that utilize a motor and an actuator to crush an aluminum can. However, this takes out the fun of crushing the can yourself. Having this functional device in my kitchen will allow me to fit more cans into the recycling bin and therefore minimize the amount of recycling runs I need to make throughout the week. I have not yet decided on an aesthetic for the device however, I am leaning towards the industrial aesthetic.




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  • Alex Reynolds
    March 4, 2024 1:14 pm

    Hey Tim,
    I think this is a great idea for a personal project as it resonated with your daily needs and the aesthetic has a personal connection to you (if you go with industrial / sleek). I think your project has a lot of potential to be very fun and explorative, especially with the potential for cool angles and material choice. It would be very interesting to explore ways to utilize certain linkage patterns to minimize the effort needed to crush the can and give your aesthetic a “flare”. Good luck with the project! I am excited to see what you come up with.

  • Great work on this post Tim. I really appreciate the deep dive you took into your personal aesthetic and the influences that shaped it. I was wondering if you have considered how you will brainstorm the aesthetic for this project. Something that helped me was using Bing’s Dall-E3 AI imaging software to visualize how designs look in different aesthetics. I like the idea for this project and can’t wait to see how it turns out.


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