Main Project Plans and Inspirations

My personal aesthetic draws upon two different perspectives. The first would be from my general aesthetic and what aspects of design I like to be surrounded by. I typically enjoy being in simple and open surroundings and I tend to gravitate towards designs that have both form and function. Because of this, I think that I resonate the most with the minimalist style of the 20th century with the addition of more color and creativity to my personal aesthetic. I think that this can be seen in the way that I decorate my living space and in the way I dress. I certainly have some influences from my childhood interests and hobbies drawing from biking, ice hockey, and motorsport when selecting some of my clothes and interior decorations. Furthermore, I think that in some ways minimalism goes hand and hand with engineering design in the sense that it accomplishes a simple purpose and doesn’t strive to be over-designed.

Minimalist Aesthetic (1)

I have also enjoyed the technical design and the appearance of intricately designed parts throughout my life and I find a lot of beauty in the way that things can be designed and manufactured. This may be somewhat contradictory to the appearance of the minimalist aesthetic in the way that many engineering materials consist of metals that may not be conducive to a minimalist style. However, I do find some machined parts and products can be very appealing to me and if designed well they can be very simple and minimalistic if they still fulfill their intended purpose. Again, this has largely been influenced by my interest in engineering and seeing some of the designs that are created for bicycles or cars.

On the other hand, my artistic interests and the artwork that I gravitate toward the most can be very different. I mostly enjoy impressionist artwork from the late 19th century and early 20th century. I enjoy the way impressionism can distort reality in an abstract and expressive manner while also depicting life in great detail. My mom has certainly been a main influence for me in this respect. She is an artist herself and primarily focuses on plein air impressionist painting so I have learned a lot from her and her expertise in this area. That being said, I don’t think that my final project aesthetic would really draw upon many influences from this artistic movement.

“Sunlight” by Frank Weston Benson, is one of my favourite impressionist paintings (2)

I am still formulating ideas for my final project and its aesthetic but I would like for it to be something useful that I can use in my day-to-day life or at least something that is aesthetically pleasing to me. I enjoy riding bikes and I have many of them. I keep most of them on the floor of my bedroom in my apartment. Therefore I think it would be interesting to try making a compact bike rack to store my bikes in the confined area of my apartment. I have gotten tired of them simply leaning against the wall and I feel like I could design something better. I think that being able to hang the bikes in some way would be the most compact and useful way to make use of the space that I have in my room and any other living area that I may have in the future. I think that the rack would have to fit up to three bikes for my purposes and have some dynamic capability to have a work stand integrated into the design to work on bikes. Furthermore, I think it would be possible to implement some sort of tool and spare part storage in the design. In terms of supporting the bikes, I would like to avoid using fasteners in the wall so I plan to make a large folding base to support the weight of the bikes and the stand.

Vertical Apartment Bike Rack (3)

Traditional Bike Rack Storage for Apartments (4)

The images above have served as some inspiration for what my final project may look like and the function that it would serve. Ultimately I think that I would most likely stick with a minimalist aesthetic to coincide with what styles I have surrounded myself with in the past. However, this is still a working concept and isn’t necessarily what my final project will turn out to be.



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  • Duncan Laird
    March 3, 2024 4:22 pm

    Hi Ian, this looks like an awesome project idea! I like how you explained how your everyday lifestyle like your clothing and hobbies has influenced your project’s aesthetic. The idea to have a dynamic work table integrated into the design is also great. Do you have any ideas for supports when hanging this on the wall and bearing the weight of 2-3 bikes? Good luck on the rest of your project!

    • Hi, Duncan! Thank you for the feedback. On the topic of supporting the bikes and the structure itself, I do not plan to secure it to the wall. Instead, I plan on having a folding base that will be able to support the bikes against a wall instead of securing them using fasteners. I hope that clears things up!

  • Hi Ian,
    This sounds like an incredible project and I am extremely excited to see what the workstation dynamic component is going to end up looking like! The first inspiration photo of a bike rack also has some space for other handy storage things, do you have any interest in including anything like that in your design?

    • Hi, Colton! I am still trying to figure out what functionality I want to have in this project. To start, I want to hang 2 to 3 bikes and also fold down a work stand for bike maintenance. I think that I would like to incorporate some sort of storage for bike tools and spare parts in some way as well. Thanks for the inspiration!


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