I am not sure what I want to do for my final project idea. I have been thinking for a week now and can not come to any final solution. I want something that turns out aesthetically interesting, but that is functional and I will use a lot, because otherwise I do not know why I would build it. I have been trying ideation techniques for some time, building a mind map of things I like and things I want. I am going to continue doing this until I can finalize an idea in my head about what I want to do, but for now I will share some ideas that I have had.

One major topic I wanted to cover for ideas is camping. I am a fan of camping, and usually go a few times a year. I use my Toyota Forerunner to get around campsites and thought I could make something that fits in the back of my car for ease of access. I also wanted something to use to cook, as trying to cook food over an open fire without any kind of table is pretty difficult. I thought about making a table that folds up completely and attaches to the trunk of my car. I wanted it to fold down to a small size that I can easily put in the back of my trunk, and I want to have a cut out where I can put a camping stove into to make it easy to use. I was even considering making part of the table out of cutting board material, so that I can just cut materials straight up on the table. This would be something that I would love to have and would be incredibly cool, but would be pretty hard to build.

Another things I thought about was something related to disk golf. I am a huge fan of disk golf and play pretty frequently. One idea was making a transportable collapsible basket that I can go somewhere and set up to make random fun holes. Taking a basket out and setting it up to make your own holes with a couple friends is some of the most fun you can have playing, and I would love to have a basket that I can easily take around where ever I want. This would take a lot of thought to make something that works well but would be well worth it. I also thought about making a disk golf bag as the one I have currently is only alright. This would require a lot of sewing, and I am not entirely sure of how to create a bag out of raw materials.

One last thing I would want to get in to in my creations is music. I play the drums and the guitar, and would love to make something that I can use with these would be something that I would end up using a lot. I thought about maybe making a guitar stand, but I wouldn’t want to make it too flashy, as the guitar should be the center piece for it. It would be very functional and used a lot, but I don’t think it would be as interesting to make as the other options I listed.


Innova DISCatcher Traveler 12-Chain Portable Disc Golf Basket

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  • Abigail Angwin
    March 4, 2024 11:57 am

    I think all these ideas have potential to be a cool project! Do you know what type of craftsmanship you want to explore? Determining what materials and methods you are interested in working with could help determine a final project that you would enjoy making.

  • I love how you are bouncing these ideas back and forth to determine which one you’d like to tackle. Find whichever one you would genuinely love and use, if I had these ideas I would do the table. It wouldn’t be too hard to make and you can potentially use it for more than just camping. Would you rather prefer something that can look pretty in your room or something that you can use during game days, camping trips etc?


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