The Project Design & Concept

Idea Genesis: My project idea is still taking shape, but I am leaning towards creating a piece that is not just functional but also a conversation starter. Imagine a fusion of a modern-day gadget with a touch of retro charm. Think of it as a smart lamp, but with a twist – incorporating elements of nature, like a mini garden, combined with ambient lighting and smart controls.

Materials & Fabrication Plans

Materials: The fusion of technology and nature demands a careful selection of materials. I plan to use sustainable wood for the base, integrating live plants, and employ LED lighting for energy efficiency. The tech components would include sensors and programmable lights.

Fabrication: The fabrication will be a mix of traditional woodworking for the base and modern tech assembly for the electronic components. I envision a series of prototypes to refine the design, ensuring that the natural and technological elements coexist harmoniously.

My Personal Aesthetic & Influences

Personal Aesthetic: My aesthetic has always been a blend of minimalism and rustic charm. I appreciate clean lines and functionality, but there’s a warm, earthy feel that I can’t resist.

20th Century Design Movements: This project draws inspiration from the Mid-Century Modern design movement with its clean lines and integration of nature, and a hint of the Bauhaus movement’s functional approach.

Inspirational Sources

Reflecting on my past, a few key influences emerge:

  1. Nature’s Calm: Growing up near a forest, the tranquility and organic beauty of nature have always been close to my heart.
  2. A Nostalgic Concert: I remember being awestruck by the visual and acoustic harmony at a concert of a favorite band from my youth.
  3. Gaming World: An old video game I was addicted to, with its pixelated graphics and simple yet captivating design, left a lasting impression on my aesthetic sense.

Venturing Beyond Comfort Zones

While my project stays true to my aesthetic roots, incorporating technology in a nature-inspired design is definitely a step outside my comfort zone. It’s a challenge I am eager to embrace, blending familiar elements with unexplored territories.

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  • Alex Fitzgerald
    March 3, 2024 6:23 pm

    This seems like a super cool project! Will the garden be below the lamp on the base?

  • Sierra Greeley
    March 3, 2024 12:59 pm

    Hello Grreshan,
    I really like the idea of a smart lamp designed to look like a mini garden. I also really enjoy the nature aesthetic. How do you plan to keep the plants alive, since they will be incorporated into technology but will still need to be watered? I can’t wait to see your inspiration and progress pictures!

    • Grreshan Ramesh
      March 9, 2024 2:01 pm

      Hi Sierra , Thank you so much for your feedback and as for your question to ensure the health of the plants in this technologically integrated environment, I am consider incorporating a self-watering system or using moisture-retaining soil to reduce the frequency of manual watering. For lighting, LED grow lights can be used, which are efficient and beneficial for plant growth. They can be integrated into the lamp design in a way that complements the natural beauty of the plants while providing them with the necessary light spectrum.


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