My personal aesthetic falls between Bruce Lee fighting Kareem Abdul Jabar and the Tokyo Drift Asian villain. I think this aesthetic has grown on many and that is why they mod their cars to have obnoxiously loud cars and cars so low that the exhaust scrapes on the ground. I think watching movies like Fast and Furious and IP Man when I was younger really inspired me to have this type of aesthetic. I also remember going to the Philadelphia Car Show every year with my dad and being amazed at the art that was behind each car. It felt like they were all sculpted by hand and you could tell people put so much attention to detail in their builds. I also remember being obsessed with Mario kart on my DS. I would play countless hours of it on long road trips.







For my main project, I want to make a big wing which is something you would see on modded Japanese imported cars. These wings are made more for the style and less for the functionality. There would never be a reason to have that big of a spoiler on the back of your car unless you were driving at least 150mph+. The car I will be putting on it is not Japanese so it will have its own twist. 

These are the ridiculously big wings that you see on Japanese drifting cars. They do not need all of that downforce it is just for show. I plan on making one of these since I am not putting it on a Japanese car I will add my own touch and make it a swan neck wing. This will give it more functionality and will actually help the car grip better depending on what angle of attack I chose.

This is a Porsche GT3RS one of the most popular cars which some can only dream of owning. I hope one day I can afford this car but for now, I will just be dreaming about it. The wing or spoiler on this car has active aerodynamics and tilts depending on what speed you are going. It helps especially when braking. The one thing about this wing is that the mounts are on the top of the wing and not on the bottom. This was done to not disrupt the airflow under the wing, especially during turning.

My plan is to make this out of aluminum and carbon fiber and put it on an Audi a6. I will be updating this as I go and am excited to work on this further.

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  • Hi Jarod,
    You might want to look into doing some modeling in Simscale to make sure nothing would break at high speeds. This sounds like a big but fun project to take on.

    • Jarod Ocampo
      March 6, 2024 3:46 pm

      Hi Fin thank you for the reply! I plan on doing some FEA and CFD the further I get into this project.

  • Chris Wachuta
    March 3, 2024 9:09 pm

    Awesome idea! How do you plan on attaching this to your A6?

    • Jarod Ocampo
      March 6, 2024 3:47 pm

      Hey Chris thank you for the reply. I will attach it either with bolts or since the unibody is aluminum I will potentially weld it on


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